Friday, June 06, 2008

A Hairy Situation...

You're gonna do what???

Oh, so ya think I need these locks trimmed up a bit, eh?

*Evil Cackle* We'll see about that...

The smoothed down look

It wasn't so bad...I guess.

And the dried finished look...

Oh, haircuts always put me in a bad mood. But tonight, I'm ok after just 3-as TJ had his done a while back and didn't need trimmed up just yet. It makes Owey look so much older and I was dreading that.

Tim is all better now and was back at work today. Owen came down with quite the fever last night (to go along with his so wonderful demeanor). It was a rough night but today he as just clingy and not-so, I don't know. He tugged at his ear a few times tonight so I may call the pedi in the am. It would have to be a weekend of course.

And on to what you've all been waiting for...the cable dilemma update. Apparently, I'm likely not very well-liked at my local cable office. Due to my blog rant, a huge write-up was made and sent in to the corporate office of the previous aforementioned cable company and I received a call from someone in the administrative offices here locally.

Here's where it gets kinda frustrating...I didn't actually file any complaint. I complained to you all, but I would never send in a complaint to corporate as this happens to my poor hubby all the time and over such dumb small things. And, I really didn't think anyone could do anything about my bill. And...I was right. I was told I pay what everyone in Lafayette pays and yada-yada. I was given the advice to downgrade for the summer while the economy is bad. Yeah, ok. And in the end, nothing is different. My customer service issue remains, the website still doesn't work and trying to call in kicks you off if they have too many callers.

I was given lots of tips on satellites though and it makes me pretty apprehensive, even at half the costs we pay now. So, I'm sure said cable company cares but, I'm not feeling the love. I guess I'll be turning in a couple pieces of equipment and that will help me save around $25. I think I've been vetoed by the testosterone voting members of my household for the giving up cable all together deal. And they are against just cutting down to basic cable (only a very small handful of channels for a charge of around $16 per month). My guess, a revote will occur this fall when I love TV again and I'll be in mourning over missing out on my fav shows somehow.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


amy f. said...

Oh my goodness, he looks SO old and not even like the same kid in the "evil cackle" picture. It's amazing how much a simple hair cut changes their looks, isn't it?

I wish your hair-cutting abilities would rub off on me. I am all about trying it, even my money-saving Mike will not allow me to go near his precious hair!

Emily said...

Great job on the haircutting! :)

How frustrating about the write-up with the cable company! I'll share my person with you! :)

When are you water-walking again?

Kim said...

Owen looks so adorable! I love the haircut. I am now considering you my famous friend since your blog got you blacklisted at Comcast. I think it is so cool that you were found here! You should start selling advertisements on here!