Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Storms, sleeping, and major cutie!

I have bunched of pictures that tell a good story (or at least A story) so I think I'll post in that manor this morning.

I woke up this morning to the gentle sounds of thunder off in the distance. Being that it was about 8:30 (I know, it's rough, but I try to manage), I just tried to lie there and enjoy the sounds. We haven't had much "gentle-rain" lately...all storms and craziness, so this was a very welcome sound. I thought to myself, that it really sounded like the Lord was having a heck of a game of bowling up in heaven;-).

So, I got up and got Owen out of bed and while sitting in the kitchen, the storm worsened (by the way, to save you any unnecessary excitement, this really isn't going anywhere great;-). Owen had the look of concern on his face as the sky grew dark and the winds and lightening strikes picked up. We even heard a little bit of hail on the windows. I, being the prudent mommy I am, got online to the Weather report. warnings, nothing. The main page for my zipcode said light rain and thunder (a bit of old news I thought to myself). I decided to take a peek at the!

Yeah, I think this could go on for a bit. So, to end a boring story, we woke up to some much needed rain. From the pics you can see the difference in how dark it was outside during the storm (same lighting and everything) to when it was over.

So, I have a friend, April, who is the queen of capturing her boys asleep with pictures. I am wanting to give her a run for her money with some recent sleeping boys pictures I have taken:

And the grand daddy of them all:

Yes, this is Owen sitting up sound ASLEEP! He loves to bunch his blankies up in his lap and sit and wait for me (while calling "Mom"). I had heard him, but was busy as it took me a few mintes to get to him and this is what I found-he had fallen back alseep cuddling his blankie;-) So sweet!

I got him a cute tee at Old Navy recently and he was so cute in it so I decided to try to get his picture-a feat in and of itself lately. Here's how I fared:

So, I'm striking out at home...hmmm...I'll try again at the t-ball game:

And finally...

I got the, you can't even read the shirt-but I declare, he's still Mom's Major Cutie!


ang said...

That was a good little storm that came through this morning.
I love the first pic of you trying to capture Owen's shirt and showing your feet pinning him down. Too funny!
Love the pics of the kids sleeping!
Have a great day!!

Kim said...

What cool pics of the before and after the storm! The kids sleeping pictures are great! Good shots to show their first girlfriends. As for Owen and the shirt picture-that is my life-chasing Preston down with the camera. For the most part he just cooperates to get it over with.

Emily said...

That is an adorable outfit! I love the sleeping pictures, too. I have a dozen or so of BearHug and SpeedLimit in the exact same position...asleep.

April said...

Love the sleeping pictures! I'll be battling ya with more of mine later. haha I love the one of Owen in the bottom of the stroller. Too cute!

The Baker Family said...

It was quite a storm this morning! Morgan and I were at the community center when it all broke loose! I was working out, she was in child care. She hates storms, so I hurried and showered to go pick her up. Once I got there they told me she was worried, so they told her "God made the storms." After that any time it would thunder she would say, "Okay Mommy, God made!" :P

Jennifer said...

The sleeping sitting up shot is just too funny!

Destini said...

Owen is so cute, especially when he is trying to give you the evil eye! Jake and TJ look like they were both worn out, and Owen slumped over is hilarious!

Tonya said...

Owen is a ornary little snot isn't he!! Jake and TJ look very comfortable! Although, I personally don't like sleeping on the floor but more power to him ;)
Too funny!!