Wednesday, November 02, 2011

5 incredible years!

Oh how I love this time of year...

5 years ago-not so much. But every. single. year. since- LOVE!

Yes, THIS happened 5 years ago and changed MY world forever.

Changed my faith.

Because I now believe in miracles.

Changed my prayers.

Because I know my prayers are powerful.

Changed my heart.

Because Owen has melted it.

Changed my everything.

Because I can't imagine my days without him in it.

I'm so happy to be saying "Happy 5th Birthday Owen!"

There were deep, dark times when I thought this nor any of the 5 years before now would come. And now-look at you!

You are a preschooler! And oh, how you love Busy Day Preschool!

You love crafts so love all things creative, in fact. You love to dance, and sing (and with no formal training, even;-). You make crazy good coloring pages...and you even mastered writing your name as Owen instead of OMen! Ha!

The last 6 plus months have been super exciting as your physical growth has EXPLODED-off the charts! I can't wait for the official 5 year well-kiddo check-up next week, but for now, I'm guessing about 32 pounds and 39 inches...yes, seriously! That puts you on the growth charts! For the first time -EVER! You have a lean, muscle-y body that amazes us to watch!

You decided to try your skills as a barber this past might not be the career path you should pursue:

So, you ended up with my not-so-professional buzzing skills:

Oh yeah...sorry about the undies pic-I apparently didn't take many pics of you with this buzzed 'do...whoops. But, it was short! And the really weird thing is, when it grew back, there was a weird large area at your crown that is seriously lighter than the rest of the hair...

Well, you can't see it super well in this pic...but trust me-it looks like I tried to dye it;-)

No, not like this...silly!

You also got to go on your first cruise...that was super fun times, huh? I know you remember the swimming pools the most. And then, probably, the hot cocoa every night and the face painting in adventure ocean. It was a great time and fun way to end the summer (and your 4th year of life;-).

You are looking forward to playing t-ball this spring. You haven't participated in any other organized sports yet (well, except for that short stint in the Lil' flipz trampoline class...but we try to forget about that epic fail;-).

You love to play dress up and pretty much anything with Griffin. He calls you O-nen. And I love it. I sometimes call you O-nen because it's just so tute! (Yep, you can't quite say your C's so you replace it with T's;-).

You sure have come a long way! From this:

to this at one year:

to this at 2 years:

to this at 3 years:

to this at 4 years:

and here we are now at 5 years:

Holy face paint Batman! I sure wonder what the future holds for you!?!

But I sure welcome it with open arms!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

First year under our belt...

The Valiant Academy has just finished its' 2010-2011 school year with 2 students enrolled...

Above TJ last day of 5th grade
Below TJ first day of 5th grade

Above: Jake last day of 1st grade
Below: Jake first day of 1st grade (isn't it cute that he picks monochromatic outfits?).

Just for posterity sake-it was a great year! Jake was done with a whole grade level of math in 6 weeks and then moved slower through 2nd grade math to finish out this year. TJ was done with a grade level of math in 8 weeks and then went onto 5/6th grade to finish out the year. Both TJ and Jake completed 2 levels of spelling as well. The other subjects they finished in their grade level this week.

This summer, I would like to do Spanish with them as well as continue Math Facts with Jake. They will also continue handwriting (Jake learned cursive and has lovely penmenship) by writing Bible Memory verses. And I also plan to have Jake learn (and TJ review) the 50 states and their capitols and some facts like location, etc.

We did lots of fun things this year including a heavy emphasis on frugality and nutrition (coupons and shopping;-), numerous trips (and check-outs and returns) to the library, Space day at Purdue, a fire safety show at Jeff HS, the Erie Canal and conference center tour, Purdue agriculture park for a helicopter/lifeline landing and tour, Indiana State Museum trip, a tour of our local USPS, the nearby fire station tour, and lots AND lots of doctors appointments! We also enjoyed a fabulous vacation-a cruise to the Caribbean: visiting and learning about Belize City, Cozumel, and Costa Maya.

The boys were also very active in diving lessons at Purdue with Boiler Diving Academy up until April, at which time they both began Spring/Summer baseball leagues. Lord willing, Jake will move onto All-stars in June. We are hoping to get back into diving later this summer.

And that pretty much sums up a great 1st and 5th grade year for Jake and TJ!

I am looking forward to a more relaxed June and July before starting 2nd and 6th grade at home again. Owen will attend Busy Day preschool 2 days a week in the afternoon come August. Griffin will probably continue to drive me crazy sneaking food from the pantry, pulling DVD's and CD's out of drawers, and pouring glue, and other sticky substances out in unmentionable places.