Friday, January 30, 2009

25 weeks and nothing witty...

I missed the 24 week post-what a milestone to miss-oops.

I'm now 25 weeks and have had an ultrasound (yesterday). Everything looked so good-he measured a little BIG!!! Can you believe it? Today I spent in delirium/borderline coma as a head cold started to come on last night and oh how I regret not taking Zicam! I'm miserable and useless. My poor kids are experiencing self parenting-but they did get a yummy frozen pizza for dinner (whoa, I did bake it before serving it).

Lots has been going on but I just haven't had the words to share. I'm trying now but it is sucking the wee bit of energy I have just to hold the laptop on my shrinking lap.

Owen has been super cute lately and is saying the darnedest things. I hope to devote an entire post to him and his antics-but thus far, he's not cooperated with photos, nor filming. Keep on me-it really will be worth it if I can just find the motivation (and cooperation) to get it done.

Don't give up on me;-)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

24 weeks...missed post

Oops. See 25 week post;-)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

23 weeks

It's cold in. My house is even cold. I'm sitting here with a blanket on my lap, long sleeves and warm PJ pants, and a space heater just feet away and I'm still COLD!!! No icecream for baby V, I guess.

Well, I have a name for the lil' guy-who is apparently growing in leaps and bounds-up over a pound already! The size of a large mango the websites say;-) The hitch with the name is only Owen knows it and I doubt he's telling;-) Tim doesn't agree (yet) so I'm still not sharing, I guess.

I've felt him get the hiccups twice for the first time today. I've started in with the dreaded Braxton Hicks contractions which is apparently ok, as long as I don't have too many per hour. I see my MD next week just in time for the 24 week update!

I can't believe when I was expecting Owen, I'd been on bedrest almost a month already at this point!

In other news, the winter TV season is back in full swing and I'm enjoy an 8th season of Idol and a few others that have started back up.

I'm feeling old as it's all of 10:15pm and I'm thinking about bed-ambien here I's really good stuff. I've also enjoyed a full week of being a stay at home mom again (minus working a couple evenings this week hlaf shifts;-). Owen and I have rebonded and he loves that I know how to draw ELMO on his magna doodle. He's super impressed and oh so cute when he kisses my drawings;-)

Thursday, January 08, 2009

22 weeks and changes...

I've spent the last 4 months enjoying working full-time helping get the new hospital L&D unit up and running. But, as of today-apparently my full-time days are over-at least for a while. I've held my doctor off since Thanksgiving from placing me on bedrest or reducing my hours-he decided today it was time to "cut-back". So, I will likely be working no more than 20 hours per week just so I can take it easier and hopefully get back to a more normal sleep schedule (which he feels the lack of sleep is taking a toll on my health). There is one catch that I'm waiting to hear about and that is simply if my employer will penalize me more for working part-time than not at all (which is what my doctor proposed anyway). So, we will see.

I spent a bit of time this afternoon getting the boys pulled from daycare, etc. and things may be more normal at our house for a while (what is normal, anyway?). So, that's the update or now-playdate anyone?

As far as being 22 weeks along goes, apparently the lil' guy is the length of a spaghetti squash;-). I feel him moving lots and if you are patient, placing hand on my expanding waist line will yield a fun surprise. I think he has gone to head down as I feel most of the movements high in my belly now, whereas before I felt them on my bladder. I'm almost into my 3rd trimester and while I'm happy to be truckin' along, I feel like I'm in the home stretch. I look and feel pregnant. I am looking for the baby things we need (like a car seat, diaper bag, etc). We are preparing for Owen and Jakes to share rooms and have gotten a neat twin over full bunk bed for their monkey room.

Anyway, I'm beginning to ramble-so I'll end here. Please pray that everything works out well with the work thing whether it's 20 hours or none-I'm thankful to be as healthy as I am and will take it as easy as I need to to grow this lil' guy;-)


Sunday, January 04, 2009

Random babbling and Christmas '08 memories

Well, it's a big shocker (I know) but I can't sleep again. I got a prescription 2 days ago and it's pretty worthless. I bet I was pretty funny last night as I was sitting on the couch about a 1/2 hour after taking the dose and suddenly I was unable to properly use the needle and thread (I was mending a pillow). What a site that pillow is right now;-) Anyway, this made an interesting time of getting up our stairs and into bed...I definitely felt drugged and had NO problem getting to sleep-it's the staying asleep part that I can't seem to master. It's like my body thinks the baby is already here so I'm awake to care for him-weird.

Anyway, I thought I'd recap a few fav moments from Christmas this year since I was able to get our camera to work a very little bit-oh and good news! Our new camera has arrived-oh how I love me a good camera!

Oh and a cute side note: Owen has done/said some real humdinger's lately! He now says "bless you" when I sneeze. There are so many other cute Owenisms...maybe I'll devote a whole post to them;-)

And the stockings were hung (make that laid since they were so full and heavy):

It's sad kids are so deprived:

Stocking opening time:

I love TJ's expression!

A high five moment after getting a monster truck Wii game from Grama Becca:

The boys posing with their joint gift...what could it be?

Jacob's answer: "Boom chick a wow wow!" to Mario Kart!

Owen opening his big finale gift-ELMO LIVE!

So precious!

Random Owen cuteness...Owen, where's the baby? It appears to be in his belly...

Owen as a budding artist:

Owen in one of many cute ELMO outifts from Christmas:

And we can't forget Owen's new friend-George. It actually isn't even Owen's but Jakes but Owen has claimed it and even made me dress him in some of his preemie jammies. Owen and George are practically inseparable! Just try and take George-you'll hear some whining and exclaiming "My George!".