Thursday, January 15, 2009

23 weeks

It's cold in. My house is even cold. I'm sitting here with a blanket on my lap, long sleeves and warm PJ pants, and a space heater just feet away and I'm still COLD!!! No icecream for baby V, I guess.

Well, I have a name for the lil' guy-who is apparently growing in leaps and bounds-up over a pound already! The size of a large mango the websites say;-) The hitch with the name is only Owen knows it and I doubt he's telling;-) Tim doesn't agree (yet) so I'm still not sharing, I guess.

I've felt him get the hiccups twice for the first time today. I've started in with the dreaded Braxton Hicks contractions which is apparently ok, as long as I don't have too many per hour. I see my MD next week just in time for the 24 week update!

I can't believe when I was expecting Owen, I'd been on bedrest almost a month already at this point!

In other news, the winter TV season is back in full swing and I'm enjoy an 8th season of Idol and a few others that have started back up.

I'm feeling old as it's all of 10:15pm and I'm thinking about bed-ambien here I's really good stuff. I've also enjoyed a full week of being a stay at home mom again (minus working a couple evenings this week hlaf shifts;-). Owen and I have rebonded and he loves that I know how to draw ELMO on his magna doodle. He's super impressed and oh so cute when he kisses my drawings;-)


Jennifer said...

Can't wait to hear the name! But will happily wait another 16 weeks to meet the newest Valiant. I'm keeping my prayers coming for you guys!

amy f. said...

Ooh...hope the Braxton Hicks contractions stay in check! Yeah, you definitely have a different bed time than you used to!

Hey, you should update the picture at the top of your page...they're, sadly, much more mature now!