Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quick update... least that's my goal to be quick-but ya'll know I'm long winded and ramble fo'eva.

Ok, I talked with IU Med center/Riley Genetics for the FINAL time. The call was a big surprise, not. The genetic counselor said the the Pathology Specialist saw nothing abnormal with my placenta that could lead to long term growth problems, thus Owen should've caught up (or be on his way to catching up) by now.

So, that leaves us with the Dx of IDSS...Idiopathic Short Stature-which is, short stature with no known cause.

I don't even want to go on with how that leaves me feeling so on to happier thoughts...

Owen is saying a few new things thanks to his talented Developmental therapist...

Bu-ba=bubbles and Uh-oh=uh-oh ;o) Glad I cleared that up?

I guess that's only a couple things but they are SOOOO cute!

So I'm off to plan our summer and lay down the law with these boys-must have some regimen or we'll lay around and let our brains turn to mush.

BTW, Jake's eyes are no better and I feel sad badly for him. Good news is, so far none of us have it as well-yet.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pink eyes, scratches and scrapes, & bruises-oh my!

It's all of 10 minutes into the summer and we've already been to Urgent care and the Pediatrician.

First was Owen's frenulum accident.

Then TJ banged his head and has a nice blue bruise on his noggin:

You may not see it very well, but it is really quite the goose egg and bruise to start the summer.

Then there's Owen mysterious scrapes and scratches that he "got" while I was at work. No one (eh, hmmm Tim) knows how he got all scraped up but they are huge vicious scratches and are really not what I had in mind to get his pictures taken in shorts this week;-(

Lastly is my poor Jakester Bakes...he has PINK both eyes-poor baby. He's such a trooper though and hasn't even complained once. He's on RX drops now and really hasn't missed a beat. I asked what the likelihood is that we will all get it and the MD said, how bout I write the Rx for 2 refills...yea;-)

Ok and here's an amazing comparison of TJ's school year growth (school is not out):
Left= 1st day, Right=last day

Yes, I painted the door red this fall, but if you look closely, it is the same door and TJ's height change is easy to tell in relation to the door panels...amazing!

And here's Jake's: (note, in the first picture he's not on our door mat but he still shot up quite a bit as his new school pants were already near outgrown in the fall!!! It's not as obvious as somehow, I didn't shoot Jake alone outside like I did TJ-look how much Owen has changed too!

Lastly, I think Owen is so cute in this polo shirt and it was a rare shot with me in it:

Monday, May 26, 2008

flower types

Amy asked about one of my fav flowers and I decided to look it up since I wasn't even sure how to spell it:

alstroemeria lily (now I don't know how to pronounce it;-)

Gerbera daisy (who knew it had an "a" on the end of gerber???:

The above picture actually has both the lillies and daisies and is a mere $69.98 (plus $9.95 service fee) from;-) a bit pricey eh? But beautiful:-)

As for Owey's frenulum...he was walking around the grad party carrying a big "Sam's club" size container of mixed nuts and he tripped and his face hit it. I first thought he hurt his nose as he grabbed it, but then Grama picked him up and said, oh he busted his lip a little. He took a sip of her drink and stopped crying right away. We left shortly after this happened as it was late afternoon. I put him straight down for a nap and Tim got him up and said his pillow was "bloody" (it was drooly blood though) and he had wiped his mouth a couple times due to the drooly blood. I decided to assess more thoroughly and pulled up his upper lip carefully and it was gushing so I decided since it was almost 4 hours, I should take him in, but once I arrived it had quit bleeding (I told Kara to pray on my way over, so I think her prayer warriorness was the reason we didn't need stitches;-). It is severed though and I don't know if it will grow back. I know it's weird and gross. Sorry.

As for whether or not it being slow makes the shift go slower or faster, the answer varies on who my coworkers are and how much you guys blog so I can keep reading;-)
Being busy usually helps pass the time but it also makes you really tired and one delivery in 4 hours can feel like a whole shift. I once did 3 deliveries in a 12 hour shift, I think I had done 2 in the first 4 hours though-that was a rough shift...If it slow, there's more time to eat for no reason;-( A cone is 60 cents for an employee and I get a 30% what would that make a full price cone??? About 90 cents or so? I guess about 85 cents for the 'layperson'. I 'll have you know this took me a phone call to the kitchen (who didn't know the price) and some use of the calculator. Very taxing at 1:50am. Only 3 1/2 hours to go. I've been called nuts now-need sleep...note to readers-do not come in to have a baby at this insane hour!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Get to know me:o)

Well, it's very slow at work (yea) here's some stuff about me (I got this idea from Michelle's blog-see link at right.

Two Names I Go By:
1. Nay-obviously Short for Renay...some also say Nay-Nay
2. Ma-ma (Owen), mommy (Jake), mom (TJ), and I totally can't remember what Tim calls me but he rarely says my name

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1. Scrubs
2. name tag

Two of Your Favorite Things to Do:
1. Eat (well, it's true)
2. Go out to eat (sad, I know;-(

Two Things You Want Very Badly At The Moment:
1. to be home (except I love the money I'm making blogging and not actually working while at work and for those of you who want to tell on me right now, the rooms are stocked, my monitor strips are all done, and we are on minimal staffing-just waiting for patients to come in;-)
2. I want to not have to watch what I'm eating or exercise and still lose weight.

Two pets You Had/Have:
1. Since you know about the frogs, I had a dog named Bandit when I was little and
2. a cat named MC (who was Miss Kitty, but she was a He so we changed him to Mr. Cat and then shortened it to MC;-)

Two People Who Will Fill This Out:
1. Kara
2. Emily
(why b/c I say they must-but no pressure;-)

Two Things You Did Last Night:
1. Took Owen to urgent care because he fell and severed the frenulum (sp?) and it wouldn't stop bleeding (well, that is, until we got to Urgent care-4 hours after the injury)
2. Learned how to use my gas weed eater in preparation for the 2 tons of rocks that arrived today ( another project-I'll post pics soon:-)

Two Things You Have Eaten Today:
1. Low-fat soft serve vanilla cone for 60 cents here at work (one of my newest addictions-only 3 points and worth EVERY ONE!!!).
2. Veggies and dip (dip made with low fat sour cream and lowfat mayo and a hidden valley ranch packet and the girls here at work love it!).

Two People You Last Talked To:
1. Aside from co-workers/patients-Tim who I called to see how the project is coming
2. TJ who I had quite the talkin to since he woke Owen up from his nap (and the offense goes on but I am use self control!!!).

Two Things You're Doing Tomorrow:
1. Working -another 12 hour shift
2. Making lunch for the family -country style ribs with my famous homemade BBQ sauce (ok-it's really pchef's famous recipe but I claim it;-), Parmesan noodles and corn on the cob-YUM! and then working on the project

What Were Your Longest Car Rides:
1. Oh, this is a fun one. Tim and I took a 17 state road trip once-from IN to WI, Dakotas, Colorado, WY, Grand Canyons (yes, I know that isn't a state) Vegas, TX, and was fun! I'll probably NEVER do anything like it again as 17 states in 7 days is a lot.
2. Probably FL for our cruising addiction and I def want to do that again!!!

Two Favorite Holidays:
1. I must be honest here and say I really don't like Holidays. All the hype and sadness of picking and choosing between which fam to visit and not and getting the right gifts and junk...too hard. SO I'll pick Easter and
2. My birthday (it is too a Holiday!-October 28th!)

Two Favorite Beverages:
1. Fountain Diet Pepsi
2. 2-liter diet pepsi

What Did You Do Today:
1. Didn't I answer this already? Ok, I power washed the back patio
2. I cut landscaping fabric for the project

Ok, that concludes what Michelle's blog asked but I will continue with my own made up q's

Where were you born?
Nuremberg, West Germany

How many PAID jobs have you had?

I can't wait to see Kristy's answer;-)
I have had baby sitting, detassling, waitress, Purdue food service, Camp Counselor, Follet's Bookstore (where I met Tim), a short stint in a factory (whirl pool I think), A nursing home, and here at Home Hospital as an L & D RN for 10 years this MAY!!! I can't believe I started here (and graduated from Purdue) 10 years ago! My longest job ever, aside from being a wife of course.

What was your fav job and why?

Truly being an L&D RN. It has been a huge blessing and I love it more and more all the time. I also enjoyed working at the bookstore since it's where I got my MRS. And lastly, being a camp counselor was great too.

What is your middle name?

Suzanne (a great name, thanks mom!)

What was your maiden name?

Kovach (pronounced Ko-VACK).

What is your greatest fear (can't be death or disfigurement of a family member)?

I can't watch super scary movies, especially like Omen and Amityville horror.

What is your fav feature of your body?

That is a hard one...My freckles because they make my fair skin less fair.

If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

Certainly not eye-ball pop-out man (ask Kara;-)

Another hard one-I hate following rules and picking just one. It would be awesome to read minds but I don't know if I could handle finding out what others think about me. Same for seeing the future...don't know if I could handle knowing my future (and those I love).

So, I guess I'd pick the ability to grant wishes....wouldn't that be cool?

Name a weird thing about your grooming habits (like not wearing deodorant or never washing your feet, etc)

I brush my teeth in the shower...I've always done this since being pregnant with TJ cause if I bend over to brush my teeth in the sink I feel like vomiting.

Did you go to prom and if so describe your dress...if not, why didn't you go?

I went to 3 proms. I wore the same dress to 2 though-it was a teal colored silky like material with cinching and was tea lengthed. My senior prom I went to stag and wore a bright blue dress,also shorter, like maybe knee lengthed. I think I looked like a blueberry. Boring answer-but they were boring dresses.

If you could have any job other than being a wife/mom or what you currently do, what would it be and why?

I think photography and web design. Both intrigue me and I really enjoy taking pictures!

If you had to change your name (1st and middle) what would you pick for yourself?

I would be, uh... Maybe Madeline, I love nicknames and Maddie is a cute name. I like Lilliana too and Grace.

What is your fav flower?

Pink Gerber Daisies and/or astromerialillies. (sp?)

If you could have a talent that you don't have what would it be and why

I would be a singer/pianist cause I don't have these attributes AT ALL and I think it would be awesome to have these musical gifts.

I guess I should end here. I hope you all play along...isn't this fun???;-)

Have a great Monday!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I've hardly a spare moment to post (or read posts;O( because I've been busy! Busy doin' lots of's one thing:

(ignore crooked tree-not point of post;o)

This is the "retaining wall" I guess it's called that I made-ALL BY MYSELF, with MY own two hands;o) I had help (and definitely want to pass the props along) from my BIL Lee who helped me get the blocks from Lowe's in his trailer-ONE HUNDRED TWENTY POUND BLOCKS moved from their parking lot, to his trailer, to my driveway, to there final resting place-my front yard. Ok, I guess I should mention TJ was a really great helper *at times* as was Jake *at fewer times*. Tim was at work having no idea that I undertook this project. I had to fill him in when I asked him to bring home 6 bags of top soil (I ran out and it's what I used to give the wall sturdiness).

Have I ever mentioned, we aren't crafty??? Seriously-not at all. We can hardly hang pictures on the wall. But, I really thought I could do this so I asked a few q's here and there from my neighbor and BIL who had successfully done it before. I have no formal training and would not recommend taking on this project alone, especially without a lot of dirt, the right shovel, and a level (I had to borrow the latter two and Lee lent me his shovel without my asking because he found out I was going to try the project with only a hand trowel;O) I'm a dork.

I think it turned out nicely-I have a few finishing touches to make to it and I need to plant some new flowers, but otherwise-it was a success! I am in a considerable amount of pain (lower back mostly) but hopefully with lots of ibuprofen, it will subside and I will survive to enjoy my landscape;o)

I'll post more about what I've been up to later!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A very HOPPY day!

Welcome to the Valiant Family birthing center...that's right. Our dear pet frog previously named Mr. Frog, then renamed Missy and now, finally we've settled on Big Mama...she may have some identity issues but we're sure of one thing...her cloaca (her female parts) is overactive today and she's poppin' out eggs left and right. How cool??? Unfortunately, since we don't have a male, no fertilization will occur and no tadpoles will develop.

Here's some photos...

Please tell me you think this is ultra cool- You do right? Can you see the eggs at the top of the shell and around the bottom? In the first photo she has an egg just releasing;-)

In this photo she is in her new bed and there are eggs all around:

Also, our new froglets arrived-are you ready to meet them? Well then, I proudly introduce you to Goldie and Lock:-)



Goldie and Lock in their new Orange "hopitat" (think habitat here;-).

Isn't this one shell of a bed:-)?

Aren't they so cute? Such a fun day in the Valiant household! Tim thinks I'm warped. He says I need a 3rd blog to devote to the frogs called a Frog Blog-ain't he so funny? Did I seriously just say "ain't" on my blog?

Anyway, I thought this was certainly blog worthy and am so happy that the new additions arrived so quickly and safely;-) I'll surely keep you updated on Goldie and Lock's progress...don't you love their names? I came up with them all on my own;-) The boys agreed they were Ribbeting names indeed;-)

Editor's note: Tim looked at the post and said I needed a picture of them side by side so you can see the size difference of Big Mama compared to Goldie and Lock so here ya go:

Friday, May 16, 2008

Eagle fair fun!

Today was a jammed pack day for our family...I started the day off at TJ's school to help with his Eagle Run activites. But first, I got to show off Miss Frog for "pet day"...that was fun. Oh, and while on topic of the frog...the newbies arrived. I have decided to devote a whole post for them (with pictures and such:-) but I need help with names still-and sorry Kim, but Castro's out- because I can't say Castro without thinking Fidel Castro...but totally great idea and I need more.

Ok, back to the topic of the Eagle started off with a BEAUTIFUL day and a cute preschoolers parade.

Then my sis Heather surprised us and showed up right away so it was fun to visit and line wait with her. Our first activity was the rock climbing wall. TJ and Jake gave it a shot as well as my niece and nephew, Lindsey and Jonah. They were all troopers and had a great climb.

Then we headed over to the "concessions" area which, of course, was a weight watchers nightmare...thus, I abstained from eating (yea me:-).

but Owen enjoyed ice cream thanks to sweetie cuz Lindsey;-)

There was a fun Bean bag toss where if you got 2 bags in (of 3) you got a special prize...all kids got a basic prize regardless of bags in--but my point is, my Jakey got all 3 bags in and was so proud so here he is with his special prize:

We then let the kiddos walk or ride behind "Llamas" or Alpacas. The kids really loved that!

Oh and I have barely mentioned my Owen...well, the heavens opened and the kiddo sat in his "car" for seriously 3 hours!! Straight! It was unbelievable. He was delightful. I was AMAZED!!! He didn't want to keep the hat on but eventually, I think he forgot about it and just left it alone;-) I had a mom friend come up and ask me what he was drugged with to get him to keep it was truly battle of the wills. Score one for mom.

My dear Uncle Steve even came...he made a generous donation to TJ's class (and many others who couldn't come also gave generously for th tuition assistance program-A HUGE THANKS!!!):

Then we geared up for....hold on to your seats-my first ever 5K!!!
For you "journey blog readers" I'm posting lots more about it over there (soon) but for now I will just say-it was grueling, I am glad I finished, I'm sore, etc. I finished in 43 minutes which I am very pleased with (14 minute mile and no walk in the park might I add;-).
I pushed Owen and had TJ and a school friend of his with me to about the half way point when I left the little whiners in my dust. Speaking of dust, Tim left us all in his dust-that maniac finished 1st place in his category!!!
He was also was in the top 13% of finishers and ran a pace of a 7:26 mile!!! WOW! He was impressive. His first (and only previous) 5k was last year. He did better this year than last and trained less;-) I'm very proud of him. TJ did finally cross the finish line. He did the 5K in 52:58 and I was VERY proud of him. He sprinted the last handful of yards and was a trooper by then. He was 15th-to last place;-) But he finished and in less than an hour...still impressive to me as finishing in under an hour was my only goal-other than finishing at all;-)

We finished up with a small awards ceremony (where Tim received his medal) and a National Guards T-shirt (the Guard was our great sponsor;-).

We then went and ate (don't worry I had a fiber one bar (and a diet soda;-) while Tim gorged on fish n' chips. Ok, so I had pink cotton candy too...and it was SUPER yummy! No regrets.

Now I'm home and in considerable discomfort, but it's in a good way as it was an accomplishment for me. I'm pooped.

Oh and I'm excited about the new froglets;-) So cute!