Thursday, May 08, 2008

The post with the most!

"stuff" that is;-)

Where to start-so many things to report on and frankly, uploading pix is a hard thing to do-getting the right photo with the right story-such work!

And while I'm talking about work, my "blogosphere pal Beth" posted a great little ditty about why comments are so important to bloggers. I couldn't agree more and really feel that people leaving comments are my only "payment" for doing this. It means a lot to me that you read my posts and enjoy them. I do post primarily for the journaling aspect-it's my "cyber" scrapbook of sorts and someday, I believe my children will cherish this blog;-) But, I also love sharing our lives and appreciate knowing others stopped in-so, please visit Beth's site and read her post on commenting and then leave your comments here saying you stopped in-even if it's as tiny as "nice post"-I truly appreciate EVERY comment made here and am humbled that people visit my blog at all;-) I will do my best to do the same when I visit your blogs as I see the importance of commenting more so now than ever;-) Ok, so now on to the post with the most...

In no specific order:

Enjoying the nice spring weather-the boys have had a great time playing outside lately and they really do enjoy basketball...this little fisher price hoop has been a great find-I got it YEARS ago at a garage sale and it has had a well-loved life;-)

Notice Owen pushing Jacob on the little ride-on toy. Jacob is such a little manipulator;-)

Have I mentioned Owen's phone obsession yet? Even if I have, there's no way I have eluded to the mass scope of the situation. I think we need an intervention to break the addiction cycle. I mean, the kid is ate up with the phone. Thankfully, my gal pal Lindsay showed me how to "lock" my phone keys and that helps when his DT's go into full effect. Oh that boy-he is a very blessed kid-very blessed that I cried rivers of tears for his lil hiney...these days I've needed MORE than my fair share of mommy time outs from him-and trust me-no one is immune to his antics. He's shown his self in front of friends, family, strangers, his DT, PT and my how the list goes on-GEESH!

Oh, and have I mentioned-no phone is immune? He will swipe or beg for ANY phone he sees-yours, mine, strange men in the play area at the mall. Worst part? He's so darn cute people will hand their phones over to the kid! Ok, on with the count down.

Peanut allergies anyone? Thank God not Owen as he has PB&J from head to toe! This little (who am I kiddin' here) mess is compliments of daddy:-) Nice dinner da-da!

FYI-that was a new shirt-WAS, I said. It did say "my da-da is #1!"...I think it now says "da-da is mud!"

Spring program ALERT! Two programs, two nights in a row. Whew! What musical fun! At least they were cute;-)



Tball-Jake is playing in a big-boy 5 & 6 year old league (he's only 4 1/2;-) and he's having a good time so far, uh, kicking dirt and picking dandelions anyway;-)

He thinks he's pretty big stuff. And yes, that is Tim and TJ in the team picture as they are "coaches". Well, truth is, TJ is snack advisor (he lets us know if the snack was good or not) but Tim is coaching with lots of encouragement (as any man would need with 12 post toddlers to guide).

It's a bit blurry but Owen loves to put "things" on his head and walk around. This cute batman mask is frequently donned by the little terror;-)

Hmmm...what next? Oh, my new find: GLAM's...Greater Lafayette Area Moms. It's a great group that has tours and meet-ups and it's not your typical moms club as it's for SAHM's and Working moms and even for dads! We've done two tours now. An aquarium tour (just a small local one) and an awesome tour of our local Meijer store today! It was fun-here are some highlights:

Got milk?

Whew! Are you tired yet? I am. Hope you enjoyed our recent outtings though;-)

Hugs! ~Renay


The Goodman's said...

I do check out your blog pretty regularly. I love the pictures of your kids and the fun stories you tell. With my own baby on it's way, it is nice to read stories of what other kids get themselves into, maybe I won't be as shocked or surprised when mine goes about doing the same things.

That Mom's group looks really great.

amy f. said...

Wow, that had to take a long time to upload all of those pictures and complete this post.

That's awesome you've gotten so much use out of a basketball hoop from a garage sale...very worth the memories the kids are making.

Love the pictures of Owen with the phones...he's so funny...and really, truly obsessed. Love the pics of him VERY messy. My goodness that kid can make a mess. Love any and every picture of Owen.

The picture of Jake posing so cute at his program. His hair is rockin'!

You are the picture queen....thanks for sharing so many good times with us.

Lindsay said...

First, let me assure that I comment almost every time I visit. :) I don't make it by very often, because I refuse to use my husband's suggestions of a news-feeder. I like doing it "old school" and typing in the addresses individually. So, I only stop in every once in a while. (I'm trying to *seriously* cut back on my computer time.) With that said, I must say that the visits are well worth my time. :)

Now, as for the remainder of your post:
*B-ball Hoop - Kyle and I had that exact same basketball hoop when we were kids, and we loved it!! It especially works well on the shortest setting on the side of the pool to play pool b-ball. :)

*Phones/Wipes - Seriously, are they worth the battle? I haven't decided yet. On one hand, I have a great desire to affirm my place as MOTHER - HEAR ME ROAR!! On the other hand, it's just a wipe.... Ugh...the internal struggles of motherhood. Someone please assure me that my child will turn out to be a loving, compassionate, strong, and godly individual contributing to the Kingdom when she is older. :)

*Peanut Butter - Mmmm...peanut butter... :)

*School Programs - You know, Owen sure is cute, but those older boys of yours sure do have my heart. Their smiles are so gorgeous, and I really think you have a great set of boys. I *love* the pictures of them dressed up and smiling!! That made my heart swell up with happiness. :)

*GLAM - I might have to check this out with you all. (Are you going to get sick of me between H2H, mall time, blog-world, AND GLAM???) I hope not!

:) Okay, I think those were the extent of my thoughts. I'm definitely in a "long comment" mood lately. :)

I'll see you later tonight! Yay for retreats!

Candi said...

Wow where do you get all that energy? Your boys are getting so big and handsome!!

Love ya!!

Kim said...

The new pictures are adorable. I love Owen's pics with his hood up-so cute. I understand the annoyance of the phone obsession. Preston can turn it on and dial and I am constantly taking it away from him! I love the pb&J pictures-very cute although I cringe when Preston gets messy and have to start realizing he is a boy and I am not saving the clothes anyway.
Your boys-TJ and Jake looked great and super handsome for their Spring concerts.
Glad the basketball hoop is keeping them entertained!
Happy Mother's Day!

Jennifer said...

Love the peanut butter pictures! Then a chocolate chip cookie! The boy's out after my own heart! Your boys are wonderful!

April said...

My, that was a long post. I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the pictures.

it looks like you had a blast with GLAMS! I'm definitely going to check it out!