Saturday, May 03, 2008

Happy 18 months Owen!!!

I can hardly believe 18 months have passed since you were born. Oh, what a ride it's been! You hardly seem like a baby anymore. You toddle around everywhere you go (that is, when you aren't spinning in circles and dancing). You've started walking backwards and trying to run. You have the cutest belly laugh, infectious giggle and naughtiest tantrums I've ever seen!

We love you so dearly-words simply can't describe our love for you in fact. Your big brothers think you're really great too! You love them so much you repeat EE-JA and JA-OB and my favorite is your Ma-ma that you say wit such an incredibly sweet and soft voice!

Your new favorite that has caused more than one tantrum is the cell phone (and house phone). I can't even pick up the cell phone to check the time without you putting your cute little hand to your ear and signing more and please. You love to hear daddy talk to you from work and you've even called Grama while I was working out (oops).

You're a finicky eater but you do like variety. Still not a big fan of fruit either. You have 7 teeth cut thru and one molar that has a tip cutting thru. You know the following signs: more, please, thank you, all done, bye-bye, drink, eat and you clap for "yea". You also wave and blow kisses at ni-night time. You go to bed so well. You love books and praying and singing.

You can destroy a room faster than a Kansas tornado. You love to try to type on the computer, dial numbers on the phone, and sneak things out of the pantry.

You're also master escape artist and could give David Blane a good run for his money. You love to explore your toys and play with toy food and such.

As spring is "here" it's a good thing as you are finally outgrowing your 6 month clothes. At your 18 month check-up today, you weighed 18 pounds 9 ounces and were 28 3/4 inches long.

Your head circumference is staying right on track just under the 25 percentile. You may be small but you are truly a mighty little boy. I hear comments all the time about how cute you are. People are always checking you out!

You sleep about 10-12 hours at night and take one good 2 hour nap each day. You love to go for bike rides and you spent you first time away from mommy and daddy-10 days with Grama Becca!!! You were so good for her!

Aside from your curiosity, phone fetish, and tantrums, I couldn't ask for a better 18 month old.

We love you! Hugs, kisses and cuddles, Ma-ma


Jessica said...

Owen is soooo cute! He's really come a long way in 18 months. Thanks for sharing his journey. I love to check and see his photos ( TJ and Jacobs also).

I have to say this...You seem to be such a wonderful mother. Always coming up with the extra special touches and going the extra mile. (from what I do know of you)

Thanks for Sharing! ~ Jessica

Emily said...

What a precious update! I love it.

Kim said...

18 months! Owen you are adorable. You have a wonderful Mommy. You know it now but will know it even more as time goes on. You are a special one Owen. You are also very cute. You just keep on growing and learning.

Katie said...

awwww..Happy 18 months Owen!! You are such a big boy now!!

Lindsay said...

Happy 18 months, little Owen-boy!! :)

Andrea said...

We're going on Royal Caribbean to the western Caribbean and I can't wait! This is our first extended get away WITHOUT the kids! Do you have any cruise tips??

Owen is adorable. Has he been diagnosed with anything specific? I'm sure I'll find the answer if I read more of your blog!

Hope you had a great Mother's Day.