Friday, May 16, 2008

Eagle fair fun!

Today was a jammed pack day for our family...I started the day off at TJ's school to help with his Eagle Run activites. But first, I got to show off Miss Frog for "pet day"...that was fun. Oh, and while on topic of the frog...the newbies arrived. I have decided to devote a whole post for them (with pictures and such:-) but I need help with names still-and sorry Kim, but Castro's out- because I can't say Castro without thinking Fidel Castro...but totally great idea and I need more.

Ok, back to the topic of the Eagle started off with a BEAUTIFUL day and a cute preschoolers parade.

Then my sis Heather surprised us and showed up right away so it was fun to visit and line wait with her. Our first activity was the rock climbing wall. TJ and Jake gave it a shot as well as my niece and nephew, Lindsey and Jonah. They were all troopers and had a great climb.

Then we headed over to the "concessions" area which, of course, was a weight watchers nightmare...thus, I abstained from eating (yea me:-).

but Owen enjoyed ice cream thanks to sweetie cuz Lindsey;-)

There was a fun Bean bag toss where if you got 2 bags in (of 3) you got a special prize...all kids got a basic prize regardless of bags in--but my point is, my Jakey got all 3 bags in and was so proud so here he is with his special prize:

We then let the kiddos walk or ride behind "Llamas" or Alpacas. The kids really loved that!

Oh and I have barely mentioned my Owen...well, the heavens opened and the kiddo sat in his "car" for seriously 3 hours!! Straight! It was unbelievable. He was delightful. I was AMAZED!!! He didn't want to keep the hat on but eventually, I think he forgot about it and just left it alone;-) I had a mom friend come up and ask me what he was drugged with to get him to keep it was truly battle of the wills. Score one for mom.

My dear Uncle Steve even came...he made a generous donation to TJ's class (and many others who couldn't come also gave generously for th tuition assistance program-A HUGE THANKS!!!):

Then we geared up for....hold on to your seats-my first ever 5K!!!
For you "journey blog readers" I'm posting lots more about it over there (soon) but for now I will just say-it was grueling, I am glad I finished, I'm sore, etc. I finished in 43 minutes which I am very pleased with (14 minute mile and no walk in the park might I add;-).
I pushed Owen and had TJ and a school friend of his with me to about the half way point when I left the little whiners in my dust. Speaking of dust, Tim left us all in his dust-that maniac finished 1st place in his category!!!
He was also was in the top 13% of finishers and ran a pace of a 7:26 mile!!! WOW! He was impressive. His first (and only previous) 5k was last year. He did better this year than last and trained less;-) I'm very proud of him. TJ did finally cross the finish line. He did the 5K in 52:58 and I was VERY proud of him. He sprinted the last handful of yards and was a trooper by then. He was 15th-to last place;-) But he finished and in less than an hour...still impressive to me as finishing in under an hour was my only goal-other than finishing at all;-)

We finished up with a small awards ceremony (where Tim received his medal) and a National Guards T-shirt (the Guard was our great sponsor;-).

We then went and ate (don't worry I had a fiber one bar (and a diet soda;-) while Tim gorged on fish n' chips. Ok, so I had pink cotton candy too...and it was SUPER yummy! No regrets.

Now I'm home and in considerable discomfort, but it's in a good way as it was an accomplishment for me. I'm pooped.

Oh and I'm excited about the new froglets;-) So cute!


Andrea said...

I ran one 5K and I've promised myself to never do it again! But I do walk often while pushing two kids and it's HARD! More power to you! Sounds like a fun day!

Kim said...

Renay! Congrats on the 5K. The only 5K I want is the green kind! Ok seriously with Owen in the hat-where did you get that hat? He should model. Second, the trick to all you moms is put the hats on out of the womb. IF THEY ARE already past three months-you missed the boat. Preston lives for his hats! Great pics of the kids. They are so adorable.
Oh and I didn't even think Fidel-good choice on not picking Castro :-)

Emily said...

Looks like so much fun! What a special family you have.