Thursday, May 22, 2008


I've hardly a spare moment to post (or read posts;O( because I've been busy! Busy doin' lots of's one thing:

(ignore crooked tree-not point of post;o)

This is the "retaining wall" I guess it's called that I made-ALL BY MYSELF, with MY own two hands;o) I had help (and definitely want to pass the props along) from my BIL Lee who helped me get the blocks from Lowe's in his trailer-ONE HUNDRED TWENTY POUND BLOCKS moved from their parking lot, to his trailer, to my driveway, to there final resting place-my front yard. Ok, I guess I should mention TJ was a really great helper *at times* as was Jake *at fewer times*. Tim was at work having no idea that I undertook this project. I had to fill him in when I asked him to bring home 6 bags of top soil (I ran out and it's what I used to give the wall sturdiness).

Have I ever mentioned, we aren't crafty??? Seriously-not at all. We can hardly hang pictures on the wall. But, I really thought I could do this so I asked a few q's here and there from my neighbor and BIL who had successfully done it before. I have no formal training and would not recommend taking on this project alone, especially without a lot of dirt, the right shovel, and a level (I had to borrow the latter two and Lee lent me his shovel without my asking because he found out I was going to try the project with only a hand trowel;O) I'm a dork.

I think it turned out nicely-I have a few finishing touches to make to it and I need to plant some new flowers, but otherwise-it was a success! I am in a considerable amount of pain (lower back mostly) but hopefully with lots of ibuprofen, it will subside and I will survive to enjoy my landscape;o)

I'll post more about what I've been up to later!


Mari said...

I think it looks great! You would never know that you didn't already know how to do that. Looks professional to me! I hope the back pain doesn't last long and can be tamed nicely with the Ibuprofen.

amy f. said...

What an undertaking! It looks great. I would have no idea how to even begin a project like is not my area and I'm okay with that :-) And Tim didn't even know you were going this? Wow!

I have been wondering about you and almost called you today, but as you have put out there it is a very busy week for you and you are just swamped and trying to get through the week. I hope you can have a wonderful weekend!

Jessica said...

This is my 3rd time to post a comment. I keep getting "error".
Ya'd think I'd copy what I wrote to repost after the second time. Nope! I figured it would go through.
Anyways! You did a great job. very impressed. Hope your pain subsides soon.

Katie said...

Wow!! I'm very impressed! Brooks keeps asking me to plant some new flowers in our front yard since I'm home all week long and complain that I'm so bored..all I do is whine saying I can't do it without him! lol Way to go and take it in your own hands!!

Lindsay said...

It looks GREAT! Way to go!!

Candi said...

It looks great! I have a similar project coming up and I am not looking foward to the back pain!

You'll have to let me know if the ibuprofen works

Kim said...

I find you to be quite crafty-so far you have frogs that lay eggs and you have run a 5K and you built a retaining wall. I fell awfully lazy. I am very impressed. I need to now find a task...after I unpack. :-)

Emily said...

Wow! Great job, Renay! I know that took a lot of effort...and the result is beautiful! I'm proud of you.