Saturday, May 17, 2008

A very HOPPY day!

Welcome to the Valiant Family birthing center...that's right. Our dear pet frog previously named Mr. Frog, then renamed Missy and now, finally we've settled on Big Mama...she may have some identity issues but we're sure of one thing...her cloaca (her female parts) is overactive today and she's poppin' out eggs left and right. How cool??? Unfortunately, since we don't have a male, no fertilization will occur and no tadpoles will develop.

Here's some photos...

Please tell me you think this is ultra cool- You do right? Can you see the eggs at the top of the shell and around the bottom? In the first photo she has an egg just releasing;-)

In this photo she is in her new bed and there are eggs all around:

Also, our new froglets arrived-are you ready to meet them? Well then, I proudly introduce you to Goldie and Lock:-)



Goldie and Lock in their new Orange "hopitat" (think habitat here;-).

Isn't this one shell of a bed:-)?

Aren't they so cute? Such a fun day in the Valiant household! Tim thinks I'm warped. He says I need a 3rd blog to devote to the frogs called a Frog Blog-ain't he so funny? Did I seriously just say "ain't" on my blog?

Anyway, I thought this was certainly blog worthy and am so happy that the new additions arrived so quickly and safely;-) I'll surely keep you updated on Goldie and Lock's progress...don't you love their names? I came up with them all on my own;-) The boys agreed they were Ribbeting names indeed;-)

Editor's note: Tim looked at the post and said I needed a picture of them side by side so you can see the size difference of Big Mama compared to Goldie and Lock so here ya go:


Kim said...

Renay, Your frog puns are very funny. I have that type of sense of humor so I thought they were funny. I actually have to hand it to Tim-I liked Frog Blog! Cute names btw. Also I do find the frogs blogworthy!

April said...

I love the frog update!

Mari said...

That is soo cool! I think I may have to tell Leo about this whole frog world and see if he's game to try this ourselves! I love the names and you're funny posting. Thanks for the update!

mandymomof2 said...

Note to self. Do not show my son the frog blog. He would love to have some little frogs. I am sure our cat would love them too. Yum, Yum!
I like the names that you picked out. They are very rib bit worthy.