Sunday, May 11, 2008

This isn't normal...

but it is very cute! Jacob has an ear infection. I had to take him to the doctor on Friday morning because his "ea-were huwts" which is Jake talk for his ear hurt. And the doctor said he DID have an ear infection and huge he was prescribed an antibiotic and has been pretty ok....until today. He's ok, but he said his "froat huwts" and he has a "weal bad cawf" so I asked him to get me a flash light so I could look in his throat. Exhibit A:

Ummm...yeah, this is the "flash light" he brought me. Hillarious!

And come to find out, I didn't need it because when I asked him to open up and say "Ahhhhh", here's what I see: (warning, kinda gross and graphic site)

They aren't supposed to be almost TOUCHING!!!

So, his tonsils are still huge!!! And I'm praying he improves...unfortunately, my throat is starting to hurt too-bummer!

Anyway, I really thought it was cute and funny of him to bring me a flood light from the garage to look in his throat-poor boy!

I believe I spent last mother's day in Urgent care too!


amy f. said...

The monster of a flashlight he brought is hilarious. He's so cute.

Umm...those tonsils do NOT look good, ouch. I hope the medicine kicks in and he feels better very soon.

Kim said...

Those tonsils don't look so hot! I am surprised he is so happy in the picture. I hope that medicine works fast! The flashlight is hilarious. I so appreciate that you always have the camera handy to capture these moments. Hope you all feel great real soon!

Kirsten said...

Holy honkin tonsils batman!!!! Poor baby (and poor mommy too)!!! Prayers are going out all around today. Sore throats are the WORST.

Jennifer said...

Yuck! Only a nurse could look at that picture and appreciate it. At least you can't see green goo running down the back of his throat too! Now that's really gross when you see that. Poor Jacob. Hope the antibiotics kick in real fast!

Jessica said...

OUCH! That can't feel good. Hope your not getting the same thing.

The Baker Family said...

Ouch! I had to laugh when I saw the "flashlight"!! Hope you are both feeling better soon, and that it isn't spread throughtout the whole family.

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