Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quick update... least that's my goal to be quick-but ya'll know I'm long winded and ramble fo'eva.

Ok, I talked with IU Med center/Riley Genetics for the FINAL time. The call was a big surprise, not. The genetic counselor said the the Pathology Specialist saw nothing abnormal with my placenta that could lead to long term growth problems, thus Owen should've caught up (or be on his way to catching up) by now.

So, that leaves us with the Dx of IDSS...Idiopathic Short Stature-which is, short stature with no known cause.

I don't even want to go on with how that leaves me feeling so on to happier thoughts...

Owen is saying a few new things thanks to his talented Developmental therapist...

Bu-ba=bubbles and Uh-oh=uh-oh ;o) Glad I cleared that up?

I guess that's only a couple things but they are SOOOO cute!

So I'm off to plan our summer and lay down the law with these boys-must have some regimen or we'll lay around and let our brains turn to mush.

BTW, Jake's eyes are no better and I feel sad badly for him. Good news is, so far none of us have it as well-yet.


Tonya said...

Renay! HUGS! I am sorry they left you IDSS. I was hoping they could give you something more to hold onto. That's alright! Owen is that much more special! There's NO ONE like him!!!!!

Kim said...

Renay, I know it is hard, but at least they are trying to put him into some sort of category. Maybe he'll surprise us all, or maybe he'll stay smaller and that makes him all the more special! Hugs!