Monday, May 26, 2008

flower types

Amy asked about one of my fav flowers and I decided to look it up since I wasn't even sure how to spell it:

alstroemeria lily (now I don't know how to pronounce it;-)

Gerbera daisy (who knew it had an "a" on the end of gerber???:

The above picture actually has both the lillies and daisies and is a mere $69.98 (plus $9.95 service fee) from;-) a bit pricey eh? But beautiful:-)

As for Owey's frenulum...he was walking around the grad party carrying a big "Sam's club" size container of mixed nuts and he tripped and his face hit it. I first thought he hurt his nose as he grabbed it, but then Grama picked him up and said, oh he busted his lip a little. He took a sip of her drink and stopped crying right away. We left shortly after this happened as it was late afternoon. I put him straight down for a nap and Tim got him up and said his pillow was "bloody" (it was drooly blood though) and he had wiped his mouth a couple times due to the drooly blood. I decided to assess more thoroughly and pulled up his upper lip carefully and it was gushing so I decided since it was almost 4 hours, I should take him in, but once I arrived it had quit bleeding (I told Kara to pray on my way over, so I think her prayer warriorness was the reason we didn't need stitches;-). It is severed though and I don't know if it will grow back. I know it's weird and gross. Sorry.

As for whether or not it being slow makes the shift go slower or faster, the answer varies on who my coworkers are and how much you guys blog so I can keep reading;-)
Being busy usually helps pass the time but it also makes you really tired and one delivery in 4 hours can feel like a whole shift. I once did 3 deliveries in a 12 hour shift, I think I had done 2 in the first 4 hours though-that was a rough shift...If it slow, there's more time to eat for no reason;-( A cone is 60 cents for an employee and I get a 30% what would that make a full price cone??? About 90 cents or so? I guess about 85 cents for the 'layperson'. I 'll have you know this took me a phone call to the kitchen (who didn't know the price) and some use of the calculator. Very taxing at 1:50am. Only 3 1/2 hours to go. I've been called nuts now-need sleep...note to readers-do not come in to have a baby at this insane hour!


amy f. said...

Wow, you just answered all of my questions in this post :-) I do love Gerber daisies, too. I'm not too particular on the color. I definitely recognize the other flower (usually mixed in bouquets), but did not know the name of it (and still don't, since I'm not typing it, haha).

You sure did your research on that hospital soft serve cone. The kitchen staff must have thought you were insane :-) Thanks for checking on that for us "laypeople."

Emily said...

Beautiful flowers... and I have several posts to catch up on with you! Yay! I have missed your posts.

Hope Owen is feeling better.

Love ya!