Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I pray all you beautiful Ladies have a wonderful day today from my home to yours!

Whether you've yelled at your kids (today or any other), spent nights worrying about their future, prayed for your family to be blesses with another child (and even for those who prayed for no more children;-), and for all moms in between today is a day for you and I pray it's extra special. Great BIG ((Cyber Hugs)) to one and all!

Today I am thankful for my own mother! My mom is a beautiful woman who loves her children and grandchildren so dearly. She's very generous and caring and is one of the best people on earth I can call for anything! I love you mom and I'm so thankful God chose you to be my mom!!!

I'm thankful for Tim's mom also. She loves her boys dearly and brought them up in a loving Christian home. She helped make him the man he's become and helped give him values and beliefs that he now passes onto our boys.

I'm thankful for all the moms I am friends with. Their love, support, and encouragement makes my daily life as a mom so much more bearable.

I'm prayerful for the moms of the children my children will come into contact with and especially for the mothers of my boys future wives (Lord willing). May the Lord bless them and guide them to raise their children with love, gentleness, kindness and discipline.

I'm so thankful I'm a mom...God blessed me with the ultimate job and chose 3 beautiful boys for me (who are fighting, crying, and shushing each other as I type). I love hearing their precious voices saying mom, mommy, and ma-ma (most of the time). I even thought I would splurge today and since my job as a mom is never done, I've decided to stay in my cute church clothes ALL day. Soo here I sit "indian style" in my skirt typing away basking in the aroma of Owen's poopy diaper as Tim changes it (no diaper changes for me today, right??? Actually, I already changed him first thing this morning;-) I even came home from church and vacuumed in my skirt (I felt so June Cleaverish;-). You should try it-it really does make house work more enjoyable!

Again, I pray your day is beautiful and you can celebrate being a lovely lady surrounded by those who love you!

PS Big shocker, but Owen wasn't so into my plan of the cute pink sign idea-I almost did a pictorial showing the number (vast) of shots I tried...but I figure you can tell from the crumpled paper of his opposition;-) Gotta love Owen!


amy f. said...

Awww...what kind words to all moms and future moms.

I love the kids with their signs. Owen just does not like to conform. He was just expressing his creative/artistic freedom to hold that paper in a different, yeah. At least he looks happy in this picture!

Hope you had a great day :-)

Kim said...

Very cute signs! HAppy Mommy's Day!