Wednesday, October 31, 2007

not-so-Happy Halloween

What a day...oh where do I begin?

I think I'd just be venting and negative if I start so I will just post photos for now and then I will pray some more about my not-so happy day and post about it when I'm more level headed-by then, maybe it will be funny;-)

So here you go in not so chronological order...our Halloween:-)

Cousin Lindsey (almost 9 yrs)

L to R -Jonah 6, Jake 4, Lindsey 9, TJ 8 And no, we did not plan the super hero theme;-)

Jacob in his WNKOF (wednesday night kids of faith) Harvest Party Bible Character or theme costume: he was Jonah, caught in the belly of the big fish;-)
ok , so 2 big fish;-)

TJ in his WNKOF Harvest party costume- the fiery furnace
He was Meshach-yes there were two others plus Jesus in the furnace, but give me a break, the furnace I could make was only so big.

Owen in his cute Halloween jammie-Thanks Gramma Becca!

TJ's pumpkin on the left, Jake's on the right. TJ did his all alone;-)

Here's what Owen did during pumpkin carving;-)

Oh, that's just a neighbor kid, which I can't believe aren't in more of our pics as we always have some unrelated kid at our house;-)
The seeds were sprouting inside the pumkin.
Jake was not-so fond of the scooping.

Hope you all had a spooktacular Halloween, even if mine was GRUELING, Ghoulish, and creepy!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

32 years...

That's how long I've been on the earth. I was blessed with the BEST surprise party Friday night. I was under the impression that Tim had arranged for my sister, Heather to watch the kids and we were to go out (on a date). We arrived to Heath's house to drop the boys off Friday and the surprise was unveiled. I was in shock. Luckily, Owen began crying due to the surprise of it all and it took a bit of the emotion away-you know, the emotion where you feel like a little girl all over again and want to bawl all over the place.

It was a wonderful night and as more info was revealed to me, my sister was the master mind and she involved my dear friend Kara (and fam) and of course Tim, and then my dad and Uncle Steve too! We enjoyed yummy cake and such and some very competitive games of Euchre. I of course, being none the wiser about the shin-dig, did not have my camera to capture the event but I assure you, it was a wonderful birthday surprise! They decked out Heath's home in pink streamers, balloons, and the most gorgeous pink roses (see pic). I'm sure there are other details I'm forgetting but it really was the neatest blessing! Then, yesterday, Tim surprised me by sending Kara and I to Indy for a girls day out with some money for a special meal and some shopping! It was great.

Now, today's my actual b-day. I spent the day with the boys just relaxing, etc. I found myself thinking about my mom, 32 years ago and what my entry into the world was like. I know one thing, I was 23 days over due. Yep, I know I've always been a pain to my mom, but that really goes beyond what most must bear. I know I made up for it though, by being a super kid;-).
Being a mom now, really makes it mean a lot more to have birthdays. Prior to my twenties, [birthdays] were always about me getting another year closer to adulthood, etc. Now it is more representative of what I've done and where I'm going. I really relate more with mothers-as "birth" days really have significant meaning to more than the birthday girl or boy, but to the mom who bore them. Ok, so my grammar and literary ability at 32 isn't stellar but hopefully you're following me;-)

I'm looking forward to Halloween in a couple days. The boys have a party at church where they are supposed to dress up like Bible characters. I've been blessed with 2 creative ideas this year for both boys that I came up with (patting myself on the back). Jacob will go as Jonah-he will wear slippers that are "Big Fish" slippers. Thus, he'll be Jonah-caught in a big fish. TJ's costume far supercedes my usual imagination-because it's actually kinda creative. I am going to take a big box, paint it black and cut open a door. Inside the door will be TJ (as the box will be over his head) with a name tag saying Hello, my name is Meshach and I will have orange and yellow tissue paper all around like flames, thus he will be Meshach in the fiery furnace;-)

Then, after church, they will get to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood as Spiderman dark (TJ)and Spiderman traditional (Jake). Owen will just wear the super cute jammie my mom got him that says "Baby's first Boo!".

Wednesday we will also head back to Indy to see the geneticist Dr. Escobar for the 2nd time to see if he is any closer to deciding what he thinks is going on with Owen.

Then later in the week I have a hush, hush surprise for TJ, Owen, and my dear Niece Lindsey for their 8, 1, and 9th bdays. More on that later.

A funny story: The other day, Jacob wanted Oatmeal for breakfast. I tried to feed Owen some baby food rice cereal and applesauce before making Jake's breakfast, but Owen wants nothing to do with any non-adult type food. So, some cute 'rejection' pics follow. Anyway, Owen was grunting to let Jake know he wanted him to share and Jacob gladly obliged. I was very tickled when after Owen's first bite from Jake's spoon, Jacob declared "Yuck". I inquired to what he was "yucking about". He responded that Owen's spit was left on the spoon b/c a small bit of Oatmeal was still on the spoon. Oh, brother.

So no more baby food for Owen. You win my sweet prince!
The boys got flu shots and wanted to show off their badges of bravery. It wasn't planned when we went to the MD for TJ since he'd had the yuckiest nose for weeks on end, I finally bit the $25 bullet to take him to be seen. The MD offered flu shots and said he understood if I wanted to decline since Jacob didn't expect such an event going down. But I talked to him (Jake) about it and he said "I will try to be strong" and while he still cried some he was very proud of TJ for staying strong and that he didn't cry as much as Owen did;-)

Owen is standing now. Mostly still holding on to things, but sometimes for a few seconds with no support. He thinks he's so BIG!

The boys got their school pictures back. Aren't they so handsome? I can't help but be a proud mother! I am in awe of God's artistry in my children! One pictures are a racket!!! (sp??) They cost an arm and a leg and while we are blessed to be able to purchase them, $40 a piece is salty...I spend less at Penney's-and they are creative!!!

And last, TJ has been the best helper with Owen lately. I have enjoyed booming business with The Pampered Chef and TJ has really helped by relieving me some by helping out with Owen from time to time while I handle phone calls, etc. Here he is driving Owen around in the infamous "banana car" that some friends from our small group gave to us.

Ok, now last-I'm really enjoying the fall. It is so beautiful here in Indiana. The trees are astounding and the weather has been crisp and fresh! TJ has a leaf project for his class and it was a lot of fun to collect leaves with him and research their names. Who knew their were a gazillion varieties of Maple, Oak, and Hickory to fish thru? I wish I'd have remembered to take a picture of the finished project!
I hope to have some of my bday pics and Halloween pics to share soon! AFN.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I finally found it!

Actually, Jake found it. The camera that is. Not much going on here so I'll just update with some pictures after my 2 weeks without it;-(
Oh, and still no teeth... sure to sign in on my new guest book below...I'd love to get to know who's reading my blog and if you could, upload a picture too!

My cutie is a little 'crusty' lately with a cold in his eyes and yucky nose.

ALWAYS on the move...

"Look at me, I'm SOOOO BIG!"

Ugh...always pulling up and pulling stuff off-here he's caught in the act and in mid-air!

Look at the cheesy grin and Conan hair! Help mom, I have no hands!

Jake's so weird sometimes!

Yummmm....graham crackers!

My 'shy' look:

Hope you enjoyed this brief update. Hope everyone is well!