Wednesday, October 31, 2007

not-so-Happy Halloween

What a day...oh where do I begin?

I think I'd just be venting and negative if I start so I will just post photos for now and then I will pray some more about my not-so happy day and post about it when I'm more level headed-by then, maybe it will be funny;-)

So here you go in not so chronological order...our Halloween:-)

Cousin Lindsey (almost 9 yrs)

L to R -Jonah 6, Jake 4, Lindsey 9, TJ 8 And no, we did not plan the super hero theme;-)

Jacob in his WNKOF (wednesday night kids of faith) Harvest Party Bible Character or theme costume: he was Jonah, caught in the belly of the big fish;-)
ok , so 2 big fish;-)

TJ in his WNKOF Harvest party costume- the fiery furnace
He was Meshach-yes there were two others plus Jesus in the furnace, but give me a break, the furnace I could make was only so big.

Owen in his cute Halloween jammie-Thanks Gramma Becca!

TJ's pumpkin on the left, Jake's on the right. TJ did his all alone;-)

Here's what Owen did during pumpkin carving;-)

Oh, that's just a neighbor kid, which I can't believe aren't in more of our pics as we always have some unrelated kid at our house;-)
The seeds were sprouting inside the pumkin.
Jake was not-so fond of the scooping.

Hope you all had a spooktacular Halloween, even if mine was GRUELING, Ghoulish, and creepy!


amy f. said...

You are quite the picture-taker. The kids' jack-o-lanterns turned out great! All of the superheros were at your house Halloween night :-)