Wednesday, October 03, 2007

11 months and counting!

Owen's visit for measurements today:

Weight: 14 pounds 14 1/2 ounces (last month 14 # 14 ounces....hmmmm up a whole half ounce-yet scales don't lie, do they;-(

Height: (measured twice; 1st measurement was 1 inch smaller so who knows) 25 1/2 inches (last month 25 1/4 inches-ahhh, up a whole 1/4 inch)

Head Circumference: 44.5 cm (last month, same-44.5 cm)

So here's how he measures up compared to The Centers for Disease Control Growth Charts (CDC) says a child with an adjusted age of 9 months (remember Owen was 2 months early so we give him credit for what he should be vs what he is in regards to age) would be in the 50th percentile of:

Height=28 1/4 inches whereas Owey's 25 1/2 inches equals that of a just under 5 month old
Weight= 20 1/2 pounds whereas Owey's weight of 14#14 1/2 oz =that of a 4 month old (weighed 14 pounds, 14ounces last month)
Head circ=45 1/2 inches whereas Owen's noggin of 44.5 cm is the size of an ave 7 month old, but with his little 4+month old size body makes his head seem big.

***Note: I wrote most of this without realizing that Owen has not grown much in the last month, thus I'll be calling the pedi in the am to bring this to their attention.***

On an up note his weight for length measurements are falling just within the 25 to 50th percentile range which means he's very proportionate.

Owen had his 1st biter biscuit today (see pictures below) and loves sitting like a big boy in carts and high chairs at restaurants... he sits longer and quieter in restaurants than both of his brothers combined just looking around, smiling etc. He can get to a sit now, and also has mastered pulling himself up on most anything he can reach (all while giving me more gray hairs than any 31 year olds head should contain!). He has horrendous itchy diaper rash that I've been battling for what seems like forever-the MD glanced at it today and told me to try steroid cream-whoa, won't Owen be pumped!). He is like a food magnet, knowing when we eat big people food and he can't be fooled into thinking he's getting bites of my food when I give him his own food off my plate-he spits out whatever baby food was given to him and cries for my food-very bright boy!

He crawls on all fours now and can get to a sit easily whenever he wants, though he prefers to be on the move ALL the time (to my disdain). No teeth still, but he loves to bite on things like his spoon, etc. He also likes ice.

He has started dancing to music-when his musical toys play, he rocks on all 4's etc or he'll rock in his seat when he hears music from the radio, etc.

He's so sweet and a little trying (did I mean to say tiring?) at times nowadays. But, I am so delighted to give this 11 month update!

He's an amazing portrait of God's artistry! Sometimes when I look at him or watch him sleep, I could just cry (bawl like a baby) thinking about how I longed for him this time last year and how far he's come from what we ever thought possible!

In a high chair at our 1st visit to McCallister's Deli

Above and below: Owen's 1st biter biscuit fiasco

Jakester in his new Spidey Costume;-)

Is it a mad dog?
...affected with rabies?
No, it's just Owey after his brother gave him 'licks' of his 1st ever sucker;-)

Some benefits of being small...means you always have a foot rest in your high chair tray;-)

Note how he is chin level to the tray vs chest level as is desired for a baby learning how to properly eat...oh, the problems those with short stature face;-(


How Life is Measured said...

That kid gets cuter and cuter. Just a thought on punishment for Jacob in the case of the severed hair.
The afore mentioned lock gets glued back on to the nape of the neck in a sort of 80's "rat tail". It's both a disciplinary (don't cut your hair) and a history (fashion trends of the 80's) lesson. Everybody wins!
OK - maybe not...
I will get my ass in gear and get a post up! Oh, wait! Am I allowed to say ass on a family blog site? Crap! I did it again. Ok, I'm degenerating.
Talk to you soon!