Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I finally found it!

Actually, Jake found it. The camera that is. Not much going on here so I'll just update with some pictures after my 2 weeks without it;-(
Oh, and still no teeth... sure to sign in on my new guest book below...I'd love to get to know who's reading my blog and if you could, upload a picture too!

My cutie is a little 'crusty' lately with a cold in his eyes and yucky nose.

ALWAYS on the move...

"Look at me, I'm SOOOO BIG!"

Ugh...always pulling up and pulling stuff off-here he's caught in the act and in mid-air!

Look at the cheesy grin and Conan hair! Help mom, I have no hands!

Jake's so weird sometimes!

Yummmm....graham crackers!

My 'shy' look:

Hope you enjoyed this brief update. Hope everyone is well!


Anonymous said...

Renay, I love to read your blog! Your boys are so wonderful. You should be so proud. Owen looks like he's doing really well. He always seems so happy and full of life in his pictures. Happy almost birthday blessings! What a miracle he is.

Jennifer/Owen's grandma/Cat's mom