Thursday, February 19, 2009

28 did I get here?

Last night I told my hubby I'd cut his hair. When Jacob got wind of this, he begged for a haircut too. I told him I'd quick cut his hair after Daddy's so daddy could help get him clean in the shower...

Anyway, it was late enough and I decided to take my nighttime medications so then, after cutting their hair, I would read before bed until I got tired.

Half-way thru Tim's haircut, I started feeling strange...seriously. I could not verbalize it but I felt kinda like I would pass out. I'd say it's how one feels when they are really drunk and has clouded thinking, can't stand up straight or walk straight. I think I was trying to "fake" being ok since there was no reason to feel so out of it.

Anyway, I've been awake for a while now-thanks to insomnia and weird doesn't really work how I think it should Ambien...I laid in bed thinking, "did I finish Tim's haircut?", "Did I even cut Jake's hair at all?"...I just had to wake up Tim to ask-he bleary eyed told me that I did cut both of their hair. I have no recollection and I'm pretty sure I never touched a pair of scissors so I can't imagine how my poor boys look.

I believe when I took my meds, I took my Ambien which typically takes 1-2 hours to kick in. Somehow, it must've kicked in within 10-15 minutes because there is no other reason to explain my lack of lucidity. I'm very bummed about how irresponsibly I must've acted... to cut my husband and son's hair and not remember it-almost at all. Just sharing-strange story wasn't it???

***Story update 9am*** I was talking to my friend Kara about this and I realized that maybe my blood sugar bottomed out too-as I really pretty much blacked out (not passed out). Tim said I went unresponsive about half way thru but apparently, the guy was so desparate for a hair cut, he let me finish;-) His hair actualy looks ok, but poor Jacob's-oh my...we'll be wearing hats for a while:-(

Anyway, I should change gears to a more celebratory 28 weeks=officially in my THIRD trimester wa-who! Yea, I'm in my 3rd trimester!!! I'm apparently very hormonal because I could cry about this blessing. I am so thankful to've been able to carry this baby, this "health-fully", for this long. But, we've got a long way to go yet baby, so stay tucked away inside your warm, watery home for the better part of the next 3 months! You can do it little guy!

So, I'm ready to share the lil fellas name-so without further ado:

I know most of you know how much the Lord means to me and our family. I shared tons of verses that got me through the really deep waters of bedrest, etc with Owen.

I wanted to post just one verse in relation to the post where I announce the name but instead, I thought it more appropriate to post these specific 13:

God will bless you with peace that no one can completely understand. And this peace will control the way you think and feel. Philippians 4:7

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Philippians 4:4-6

I have engraved you on the palms of my hands. Isaiah 49:16

For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:13 & 14

I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His word I put my hope. Psalm 130:5

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

In a loud voice she exclaimed: "Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the child you will bear! Luke 1:42

Shout for joy, O heavens; rejoice, O earth; burst into song, O mountains! For the LORD comforts his people and will have compassion on his afflicted ones. Isaiah 49:13

All discipline for the moment seems not to be joyful, but sorrowful; yet to those who have been trained by it, afterwards it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness. Hebrews 12:11

In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9

As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you; and you will be comforted over Jerusalem. Isaiah 66:13

He put a little child among them. Taking the child in His arms, He said to them “Anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf welcomes me, and anyone who welcomes me welcomes not only me but also my Father who sent me.” Mark 9:36 & 37

Monday, February 16, 2009

Serious randomness...

And I mean seriously random, but in no particular order...

AI: I know I've mentioned this before, but I am sooo loving American Idol. Why does this show suck me in so much? And worse yet, I love reading what others think about the show (the judges, contestants, etc). For public scrutiny sake, KIM PLEASE post your thoughts (Kim is my fav blogger who has killer commentary on Idol;-) To give her a break, she did say she would post soon but I'm desperately pathetic about waiting for it;-)

Baby name-It's coming: Have I hyped it up enough yet? I hope you all like it-any last minute guesses?

Belly pic: I don't have one...I have a firm no pictures of me as a humungo preggo policy-however the BMV has a different policy thus, I had to get my license renewed recently-what a fiasco. Closed on Mondays and on Tuesday, Owen slapping the blue background behind me-ugh! You know how they say photos add 10 pounds...well, at the BMV, all 10 were added to my face!!!

Money saving mom: Man, I love this site! The deals she mentions are really amazing. I would really love it if any of you have sites like this you follow and will share that offer similar tips (we're gonna need it;-)

Subway: Are you thinking what I am?...Come on-sing it with me...5-----5------5 dollar foot looongggg! It's back-any footlong for $'s limited time only but it's such a deal! Preggo friends-please consider getting yours heated or non-deli meat styles.

HGTV: I'm addicted...anyone else?

Owen: Owen is saying no way, quiet down, doctor, and stop it. I love this kid...really he is great. I PRAYED for his health, for his future, for his voice...and now I ask, Lord please quiet him down (just a little). No seriously, I need help teaching him how to quiet down (self control???). He is soooo loud! He says no way!, quiet down! and stop it! to even strangers. He told my MD to quiet down today while we were talking. So embarrassing. He gets embarrassed easily and doesn't like it so much when people chuckle in his presence (but it's because he's so dang cute!). He must've said "it's scary" 50 times today in my MD's crowded little office waiting area (which is a whole 'nother issue). He was referring to this awful book with scary pics on the cover and every page, called something like scary stories for kids-talk about an oxy-moron. The people waiting around us thought it was cute to begin with, but after the 10th time he said it in 1 minute, I think they changed their tunes;-( Oh well, maybe he'll be a rap star...

Online shopping (and things not matching): - I love online shopping or browsing. I've found lots of great things for baby (and me) lately. My issue is that when you see colors online vs in store, they (sometimes) are no where near the same. It's such a bummer. I'm really liking blues and browns right now. And, on an unrelated tangent note, TJ Maxx had my Vera pattern in two cute accessories for my purse for next to nothing-who knew???

Work: So, speaking of my MD appt today-I told him (my MD) all about the pressure, pain with walking and contractions, etc. and together we decided (aka I told him I was done;-( for me to "retire" for a while from work. I'm sad to not be with all my amazing coworkers, not get the $$$, and I will especially miss the adult time/time with patients, but I know it's the right time. Taking it easier now will really benefit our family before the lil' guys big arrival. I return to the MD in 2 weeks for a check up and U/S. I measured BIG today-how funny to be "big" and, my weight was even down!

I am so relieved to be a stay at home mom again-it's truly my heart, even if my patience level doesn't always show it;-) And, I have the best most supportive husband ever. Really, you should be jealous;-) I can't believe I'm done working!?!

Chuck E Cheese Pics: Here are shots of the awesome 1 token ID cards (my pics stink, but quality is like credit card size and style) the kiddos made and the one token pics Chuck E draws with "pencil". I love that place!

My great patient hubby" -oh, I already mentioned that. He also spoils me and the boys too;-)

Facebook oopsy: Ok, I am such a facebook loser. I was bored Friday night and added some "friends" to my profile/account thingy. Then, I saw this "neat" little feature called-import contacts...and so I thought, "cool, maybe there's a few people I've not thought of"-seriously bad idea. Somehow, it emailed EVERYONE on my contact list to check me out...UGH. What a dork. Sorry anyone who got that-you need not reply if you aren't a facebooker or don't want to friend me right now...who wants to be "friends" with such an inept facebooker, anyway?:-)

Sams club pulled pork: It's rare that I give food advice or food related kuddos, but if you like pulled pork, we found the best ever at Sams Club this weekend. It was a huge foil pan (can't even credit the name brand since we threw out the packaging) for just under $12 bucks. It would feed an army and baked up perfectly (and reheated awesome too). Even the kids ate it. Paired with fresh veggies and dip, it was great for entertaining or to freeze small portions if it's just for your fam. We got buns at Aunt Millies bread outlet and it was a great, cheap, yummy, etc. meal! I could snack on some right now! This is a weird post, isn't it?

Prayers for the economy: Onto really serious things... I have been like, "what's up with this whole bad economy thing?" for a while-until recently. I don't think I noticed during Christmas and such but in this new year, my heart is breaking for all the job losses, pay cut backs, etc. so many people I know are experiencing. It's been like a damn breaking and I've heard story after story lately of those around me struggling because of this or facing the real possibility of lay-offs etc. No one seems immune. Even in areas that traditionally are in demand or perpetual shortage (like nurses), there are cut-backs. I, in no way felt like my job was in danger, but I don't/didn't take for granted how blessed we are with our jobs. I know things will be "tighter" welcoming in a 4th child and staying at home for a while, but I pray we will find creative ways to cut back and use "time" like the commodity it is, versus using money like it's the only "answer" to entertainment (I hope that makes sense). Anyway, I just wanted to ask anyone who is willing to pray for those who are facing such cut backs and losses-I've even asked my kiddos to pray about this. I don't ever remember times like these in my lifetime.

Thanks for hanging in this far into the post-up next 3rd trimester post! Wa-who!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

27 weeks

Here's what I found in an article about what it feels like to be expecting and be 27 weeks along:

1) Pregnancy Body Changes at Twenty Seven Weeks Pregnant
At 27 weeks pregnant, you are getting larger which means your pelvic muscles are strained.

-My commentary...seriously? Why sugar coat it? The truth is, I feel like the baby could fall out every time I stand up--- and I have 3 months to go???

2) You may start noticing around this time your energy starts dropping.

-My commentary...did a man write this article? What energy...oh wait, I know-the energy required to haul my hiney up off the couch and go rummage through the cabinets or a snack i don't really need.

3) Because your uterus is moving closer to your rib cage, it can be difficult for your lungs to fully expand. This does not mean your baby is being deprived of oxygen.

-My, only I am deprived of oxygen...and sleep...and comfort..and...

4) The placenta is producing more hormones, including progesterone, which is vital in helping your uterine muscles relax. While these hormones do wonderful things for your baby and your body, they may have an effect on your moods.

-My commentary...mood swings-nah-I'm in a perpetual state of negativity-there's no swinging.

Okay, ok. It's really no all that bad. I really do love being pregnant. Probably too much. I LOVE (and I can't emphasize this enough) feeling the baby move around. I enjoy watching my belly, feeling him hiccup, and day dreaming about what he'll look like and what kind of baby he'll be (disposition wise;-). I can't believe how active a 2 pound baby can be...even now I feel him moving all around-I feel like he's knitting inside me. I am mystified that anyone could say they didn't know they were pregnant...all 4 of my kiddos have been movers and shakers and I can/could SEE them moving about.

What I will mention, in all seriousness, is how uncomfortable I am trying to walk (errr move at all). It's actually pathetic to watch me try to move about-and Owen doesn't get it at all, thus he still wants lugged all around. He is so sweet to me right now (for the most part) and he is constantly asking me "You happy?" and asking me for hugs. He cuddled up to me this am after "breaking in" to my room while Tim wasn't looking and giving me a big unsolicited kiss.

In biggest news...I think we have settled on a name. I haven't ask Tim about sharing it publicly yet, but if you have talked to me prior to this week about names, it's not one we ever considered. It just kinda came to me and the boys all agreed it is cute and definitely follows all my whacked out name rules. It's not like TJ, Jacob or Owen in that it's not a real popular or traditional name (their names rank in top 100 pretty much in all of 2000)-I've not heard any boys named this, but more importantly, NO girls have this name I'd guess. This name has ranged top 220's to 250's over 10 years. It's not a biblical name (but the middle name is;-) but Owen can say it, I can cutesify it, and I found it to have great meaning-"to give" and the middle name "salvation or help"...I'm pretty stoked about it. I would love to share it -just need to ask Tim if he's "sold" on it.

PS the name Owen was saying (which I'm pretty sure we are NOT using) in the video clip was "Xavier"-not Alfredo, nor any of the other not so great guesses-Alfredo-seriously???

I want to thank everyone who commented about the sling search...I ordered a munchkin one and will try it out when it arrives. The sit n' stand stroller arrived and aside from making me feel dumb as far as how Owen is to properly sit or stand in it safely (yes I read the manual) it seems like it will work out well for walks (which I dread the thought of momentarily) and shopping trips. Poor Owen is about 6 inches shy of his feet reaching the foot rest but he sure doesn't seem to mind-he just climbed right up in it like a "big boy".

Oh and on an unrelated note: the boys have been out of school on their winter break this week-we have had a pretty good time and we went to Chuck E Cheese here in Lafayette one afternoon (we never eat there;-) was so much fun! They had newly expanded it (new to us anyway) and added tons of mucho ticket paying games. A really enjoyable couple hours with a couple for tokens;-).

Lastly, I found this website that can be great for a no-frills deal called Do any of you have awesome websites you peruse for deals and great info?

I guess that's it for my 27 week update-) I have an appt on Monday:-)

Thursday, February 05, 2009

26 weeks and 26 minutes to read this...

I can't believe I'm 26 weeks along already! Time is flying by and everything looks as good as it can...I don't know that it "feels as good as it can" but relatively speaking, we are ALL well. People are definitely noticing the "bump" which I feel like is more "lumpy" than just a bump, but I'm glad to have a reason to have a "belly";-)

The baby is supposed to be up to 2 pounds by now. I see no one could understand Owen say "the name" from the video. No worries-still not sure. I'm quite distressed over not having the name nailed down. It's not my personality at all to be so wishy washy and worried about what people will think about what we (I) choose. He's an active lil' guy and Tim has officially felt him moving all about. That is always a neat moment to share with someone-glad it was Tim first. Still trying to have TJ catch the lil' stinker movin'.

I ordered a car seat for the baby which has arrived and I think it's super cute and fun. Car seats have come a long way since the dinosaur we used with the other 3 boys...that puppy was retired this summer as it was WAAAAYYYYYYYY past safety standards for current use. I am thinking about also getting a sit n' stand stroller for the baby and Owen, as they will both need to ride around for outtings and such for a while more.

So, the car seat is supposed to go to 22 pounds...but I'm not so sure;-)

I am shopping for slings but HAVE NO IDEA what would be a good one-PLEASE comment if you have ANY advice on good or bad ones-I've never owned one but really want one this time around;-) I'm clueless on where to even begin for this purchase. HELP please!

Speaking of Owen needing to ride for a bit longer...he's growing quite well, I'd say. He's up 5 pounds since this time last year. A whole 22 pounds total-my 27 month old is finally the weight of an 11 month old;-). I don't know his height (anyone proud?) but clothing wise, he's outgrown his 6-12 month jeans;-) He's also finally outgrowing his shoes we bought back in July (the ones he had insoles made for)...I've finally bought him a size 5-wa-who! I got cheapy Walmart Elmo tennies just in case they don't work out for his insoles. He is still toe walking pretty badly, but I've decided it's probably due to a habit of trying to get an edge up on things.

How bout those undies? Not officially potty training, but he shows some interest so I thought the Elmo undies might help...too bad I lack interest;-)

Owen also had his first professional haircut-she did's before and afters:
Oh, he's still not got in 2 of his teeth-his canines on the bottom-weird!

Nice orange marker mouth and teeth, eh?

TJ has finally lost his 2nd tooth...he has 2 more hanging on by threads and now has the cutest lisp. Having lost his upper incisor actually makes him look younger;-(

Jake is well-he's enjoying being back in just preschool and not childcare too. We have lots more special time now;-) Here's some pics from a recent mall playtime-thanks Em!

YAY! It was a warmer day today-up over 50! I pulled out all the dead flowers and leaves from the flower bed, etc. Can you believe there was actually green weeds under the brush??? Thought I would die by the time I was done, but I took lots of breaks and feel fine (minus the aching back;-). We (my sis Heather and I) took all the kiddos to the Community Center pool sans spouses and that was a fun time. Owen is like a little fish. If we looked away for a second, we would find him floating face first and when we'd pull him out, he'd say "I swimming". Yeah, or drowning;-) Bummer I forgot my camera;-(

As another tangent, American Idol is nicely in full swing again...oh how I missed Randy's "dawgs" and hearing Randy and Paula's a million billion times "yes" and Frankly any of what Simon says...not so sure about this new judge though-she needs more clothes for one. I have no predictions yet, because they are really editing poorly this year. I don't even know names of contestants yet, but a few stand outs from the audtions for me were the sight impaired male, the Osmond dude, and the fella whose wife passed away recently-so sad. There is also a constructiony type fella who was pretty good-can you tell I'm into the males and not females so much. Can I just say, I am SOOOOO glad binkie girl is gone!!!!

A sort of funny story: My sis Heath and I went out for "gal-time out" the other night...we decided on a movie-"He's just not that into you". I looked it up on the theater website and we shopped for the perfect treats for about an hour (in our defense, we were passing time for the 7pm movie). Anyway, we got to the theater and I asked for our tickets and the dude at the counter was like "What movie"? I repeated it and he was looking at me like I was speaking a foreign language-finally, a gal coworker of his piped up and told us it opened the next day-UGH...perfect treats and no movie to see. So, we settled on "Bride wars" which was funny but I wouldn't of typically paid theaters prices for such a movie. We were blessed by an older gentleman giving us a kick-butt coupon for essentially half price popcorn and huge sodas! Which in return just added to my bladder "near explosion capabilities with little Mr. thinks it's funny to be breech and kick mommy's bladder repeatedly to the point of Depends being a near necessity".

And in really exciting news...the Daytona 500 is just one week away-Nascar-how bad have you got it? Go Carl, go Carl, go Carl-!!!

Lastly, hope you all enjoyed this post where I have a lot to say since I'm avoiding my hubby since he hurt my feelings (and made me cry;-( while not following rule #1 in the Financial Peace University class, which I really like, except it is making me feel very convicted and irresponsible with finances. That was an awful sentence-sorry. FYI, Rule #1 is "shutting-up after giving the free-spirit a copy of the budget"...let's just say the nerd didn't shut-up.

PS Spell check wouldn't work so I did my best at editing but, spelling is not my forte;-)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Happy Birthday G-ma Becca!

Pause sound of playlist music to enjoy birthday song (and dance) to Grandma Becca! We love you!

PS I'm so sorry Owen-this was too priceless to edit out;-)

It takes a second to "buffer" so hit play for a sec and then pause and let it fully load for full preciousness effect;-)

Bonus footage for those with 5 or so minutes on their hands...anyone able to guess "the name" Owen is saying??? No worries...we haven't decided yet but it was so cute that he said it three times before I realized what he was saying;-) Plus, the I'm sleeping bit-priceless!