Monday, February 16, 2009

Serious randomness...

And I mean seriously random, but in no particular order...

AI: I know I've mentioned this before, but I am sooo loving American Idol. Why does this show suck me in so much? And worse yet, I love reading what others think about the show (the judges, contestants, etc). For public scrutiny sake, KIM PLEASE post your thoughts (Kim is my fav blogger who has killer commentary on Idol;-) To give her a break, she did say she would post soon but I'm desperately pathetic about waiting for it;-)

Baby name-It's coming: Have I hyped it up enough yet? I hope you all like it-any last minute guesses?

Belly pic: I don't have one...I have a firm no pictures of me as a humungo preggo policy-however the BMV has a different policy thus, I had to get my license renewed recently-what a fiasco. Closed on Mondays and on Tuesday, Owen slapping the blue background behind me-ugh! You know how they say photos add 10 pounds...well, at the BMV, all 10 were added to my face!!!

Money saving mom: Man, I love this site! The deals she mentions are really amazing. I would really love it if any of you have sites like this you follow and will share that offer similar tips (we're gonna need it;-)

Subway: Are you thinking what I am?...Come on-sing it with me...5-----5------5 dollar foot looongggg! It's back-any footlong for $'s limited time only but it's such a deal! Preggo friends-please consider getting yours heated or non-deli meat styles.

HGTV: I'm addicted...anyone else?

Owen: Owen is saying no way, quiet down, doctor, and stop it. I love this kid...really he is great. I PRAYED for his health, for his future, for his voice...and now I ask, Lord please quiet him down (just a little). No seriously, I need help teaching him how to quiet down (self control???). He is soooo loud! He says no way!, quiet down! and stop it! to even strangers. He told my MD to quiet down today while we were talking. So embarrassing. He gets embarrassed easily and doesn't like it so much when people chuckle in his presence (but it's because he's so dang cute!). He must've said "it's scary" 50 times today in my MD's crowded little office waiting area (which is a whole 'nother issue). He was referring to this awful book with scary pics on the cover and every page, called something like scary stories for kids-talk about an oxy-moron. The people waiting around us thought it was cute to begin with, but after the 10th time he said it in 1 minute, I think they changed their tunes;-( Oh well, maybe he'll be a rap star...

Online shopping (and things not matching): - I love online shopping or browsing. I've found lots of great things for baby (and me) lately. My issue is that when you see colors online vs in store, they (sometimes) are no where near the same. It's such a bummer. I'm really liking blues and browns right now. And, on an unrelated tangent note, TJ Maxx had my Vera pattern in two cute accessories for my purse for next to nothing-who knew???

Work: So, speaking of my MD appt today-I told him (my MD) all about the pressure, pain with walking and contractions, etc. and together we decided (aka I told him I was done;-( for me to "retire" for a while from work. I'm sad to not be with all my amazing coworkers, not get the $$$, and I will especially miss the adult time/time with patients, but I know it's the right time. Taking it easier now will really benefit our family before the lil' guys big arrival. I return to the MD in 2 weeks for a check up and U/S. I measured BIG today-how funny to be "big" and, my weight was even down!

I am so relieved to be a stay at home mom again-it's truly my heart, even if my patience level doesn't always show it;-) And, I have the best most supportive husband ever. Really, you should be jealous;-) I can't believe I'm done working!?!

Chuck E Cheese Pics: Here are shots of the awesome 1 token ID cards (my pics stink, but quality is like credit card size and style) the kiddos made and the one token pics Chuck E draws with "pencil". I love that place!

My great patient hubby" -oh, I already mentioned that. He also spoils me and the boys too;-)

Facebook oopsy: Ok, I am such a facebook loser. I was bored Friday night and added some "friends" to my profile/account thingy. Then, I saw this "neat" little feature called-import contacts...and so I thought, "cool, maybe there's a few people I've not thought of"-seriously bad idea. Somehow, it emailed EVERYONE on my contact list to check me out...UGH. What a dork. Sorry anyone who got that-you need not reply if you aren't a facebooker or don't want to friend me right now...who wants to be "friends" with such an inept facebooker, anyway?:-)

Sams club pulled pork: It's rare that I give food advice or food related kuddos, but if you like pulled pork, we found the best ever at Sams Club this weekend. It was a huge foil pan (can't even credit the name brand since we threw out the packaging) for just under $12 bucks. It would feed an army and baked up perfectly (and reheated awesome too). Even the kids ate it. Paired with fresh veggies and dip, it was great for entertaining or to freeze small portions if it's just for your fam. We got buns at Aunt Millies bread outlet and it was a great, cheap, yummy, etc. meal! I could snack on some right now! This is a weird post, isn't it?

Prayers for the economy: Onto really serious things... I have been like, "what's up with this whole bad economy thing?" for a while-until recently. I don't think I noticed during Christmas and such but in this new year, my heart is breaking for all the job losses, pay cut backs, etc. so many people I know are experiencing. It's been like a damn breaking and I've heard story after story lately of those around me struggling because of this or facing the real possibility of lay-offs etc. No one seems immune. Even in areas that traditionally are in demand or perpetual shortage (like nurses), there are cut-backs. I, in no way felt like my job was in danger, but I don't/didn't take for granted how blessed we are with our jobs. I know things will be "tighter" welcoming in a 4th child and staying at home for a while, but I pray we will find creative ways to cut back and use "time" like the commodity it is, versus using money like it's the only "answer" to entertainment (I hope that makes sense). Anyway, I just wanted to ask anyone who is willing to pray for those who are facing such cut backs and losses-I've even asked my kiddos to pray about this. I don't ever remember times like these in my lifetime.

Thanks for hanging in this far into the post-up next 3rd trimester post! Wa-who!!!


Jennifer said...

I think Nathan for baby boy Valiant.

Kara Townsend said...

Great random thoughts..I can tell you are feeling upbeat and I'm thrilled for you!!! I can't guess the baby name...cause I know it!! teeeheeeeee!!!! Let's just's unique, cute and it rocks!
love you,

Destini said...

Glad everything is going good for you guys! Owen the rapper is too cute! Love the blog casserole!

amy f. said...

Yes, you sure have hyped up the name...thankfully I now know it, so it's not driving me too crazy!

I'll have to look through that Money Saving Mom site. I love stuff like that. My frugal friend, Amy Clark, has a great site and blog: (The Mother Loot).

Owen looks like he should be saying "Yo, yo, yo...waz up?!"

Love the $5 foot longs. Enjoyed one today actually.

You know I like the randomness :-)

Kim said...

Renay you make me laugh. Truly you are such a funny person. so glad you are right back with me on AI this year. Thanks for the shout out! I love Owen in that picture so cute!
I hear you on the economy. I was contracting for a while when I got down here and finally after six months found something permanent. So now when there is a holiday I am actually paid. Yay!
I am on pins and needles waiting for the baby name!
I love Facebook. I am going to friend you next time I am on! said... provides Online Shopping and best price comparison features exclusively for hi-tech products, like - computer hardware, software and electronics. You can make best deal out of it.