Friday, February 13, 2009

27 weeks

Here's what I found in an article about what it feels like to be expecting and be 27 weeks along:

1) Pregnancy Body Changes at Twenty Seven Weeks Pregnant
At 27 weeks pregnant, you are getting larger which means your pelvic muscles are strained.

-My commentary...seriously? Why sugar coat it? The truth is, I feel like the baby could fall out every time I stand up--- and I have 3 months to go???

2) You may start noticing around this time your energy starts dropping.

-My commentary...did a man write this article? What energy...oh wait, I know-the energy required to haul my hiney up off the couch and go rummage through the cabinets or a snack i don't really need.

3) Because your uterus is moving closer to your rib cage, it can be difficult for your lungs to fully expand. This does not mean your baby is being deprived of oxygen.

-My, only I am deprived of oxygen...and sleep...and comfort..and...

4) The placenta is producing more hormones, including progesterone, which is vital in helping your uterine muscles relax. While these hormones do wonderful things for your baby and your body, they may have an effect on your moods.

-My commentary...mood swings-nah-I'm in a perpetual state of negativity-there's no swinging.

Okay, ok. It's really no all that bad. I really do love being pregnant. Probably too much. I LOVE (and I can't emphasize this enough) feeling the baby move around. I enjoy watching my belly, feeling him hiccup, and day dreaming about what he'll look like and what kind of baby he'll be (disposition wise;-). I can't believe how active a 2 pound baby can be...even now I feel him moving all around-I feel like he's knitting inside me. I am mystified that anyone could say they didn't know they were pregnant...all 4 of my kiddos have been movers and shakers and I can/could SEE them moving about.

What I will mention, in all seriousness, is how uncomfortable I am trying to walk (errr move at all). It's actually pathetic to watch me try to move about-and Owen doesn't get it at all, thus he still wants lugged all around. He is so sweet to me right now (for the most part) and he is constantly asking me "You happy?" and asking me for hugs. He cuddled up to me this am after "breaking in" to my room while Tim wasn't looking and giving me a big unsolicited kiss.

In biggest news...I think we have settled on a name. I haven't ask Tim about sharing it publicly yet, but if you have talked to me prior to this week about names, it's not one we ever considered. It just kinda came to me and the boys all agreed it is cute and definitely follows all my whacked out name rules. It's not like TJ, Jacob or Owen in that it's not a real popular or traditional name (their names rank in top 100 pretty much in all of 2000)-I've not heard any boys named this, but more importantly, NO girls have this name I'd guess. This name has ranged top 220's to 250's over 10 years. It's not a biblical name (but the middle name is;-) but Owen can say it, I can cutesify it, and I found it to have great meaning-"to give" and the middle name "salvation or help"...I'm pretty stoked about it. I would love to share it -just need to ask Tim if he's "sold" on it.

PS the name Owen was saying (which I'm pretty sure we are NOT using) in the video clip was "Xavier"-not Alfredo, nor any of the other not so great guesses-Alfredo-seriously???

I want to thank everyone who commented about the sling search...I ordered a munchkin one and will try it out when it arrives. The sit n' stand stroller arrived and aside from making me feel dumb as far as how Owen is to properly sit or stand in it safely (yes I read the manual) it seems like it will work out well for walks (which I dread the thought of momentarily) and shopping trips. Poor Owen is about 6 inches shy of his feet reaching the foot rest but he sure doesn't seem to mind-he just climbed right up in it like a "big boy".

Oh and on an unrelated note: the boys have been out of school on their winter break this week-we have had a pretty good time and we went to Chuck E Cheese here in Lafayette one afternoon (we never eat there;-) was so much fun! They had newly expanded it (new to us anyway) and added tons of mucho ticket paying games. A really enjoyable couple hours with a couple for tokens;-).

Lastly, I found this website that can be great for a no-frills deal called Do any of you have awesome websites you peruse for deals and great info?

I guess that's it for my 27 week update-) I have an appt on Monday:-)