Sunday, February 25, 2007


Ecclesiastes 11:9

Be happy, young man, while you are young, and let your heart give you joy in the days of your youth. Follow the ways of your heart and whatever your eyes see, but know that for all these things God will bring you to judgment...

I like this verse I heard at church a couple weeks was shared by a Moldovian youth pastor who said it was the verse that brought him to salvation. I, at first, thought it was a negative or sarcastic verse. But after more thought, I think that it is easy to correlate judgement with negativity. Yet, judgement simply means the prospect of divine praise or blame-so it's actually a verse that holds great promise and comfort. God sees both the good and bad things that we do-not just the bad. And of course, we all mess up (daily for some of us;-). I am thankful for such a loving, forgiving God!

Speaking of things we do, Tim was holding Owen the other day and he (Owen, not Tim) was SOOOO fussy. So, finally, in desparation, he covered his head with the blanket to decrease his stimulation and he (Owen, not Tim) calmed down and fell asleep. A little while later, he (Tim, not Owen) went upstairs and I was on the phone and I was wondering if he put Owen in his bed. As I looked around, I saw Owen's blanket on the couch and wondered why he (Tim) didn't take the blanket with him...low and behold (see picture one) the blanket was not just a blanket at all, but my poor baby.

Picture 2 shows proof after I uncovered his precious sleeping face;-)

Oh well...he's fine:-) We have a check up on Friday, which I'm looking very forward to. I will update then with Owen's latest acheivements;-)

Friday, February 16, 2007

So many measurements!

This is a photo taken on Valentine's day after the blizzard of our back patio...

It's not an optical illusion-the boys are standing on drifts that were as high as the door knob!!! In Lafayette we had 17 inches of snow fall and we had drifts in our yard 5-6 feet high!

Such a sweeetie!

More measurements for my precious 15 week old!

I weighed him today and we hit the 10 pound mark!

I measured him (this was a task) and he was around 20 inches. While he is still not on the growth charts and though his length is very far from the lowest percentile, I am encouraged that if he were charted at his gestational age of 7 weeks, he would be on the charts;-)

Nothing new to report otherwise. Owen has stayed healthy and strong thus far. He is eating well and gaining weight. He has even had some decent stretches at night without eating. He still sleeps a ton, but he's very social when he is awake. He's so very vocal! So he's not only a noisy eater but also a noisy chatter bug (which we love!). All for now...

Friday, February 09, 2007

New Pictures!

I'm getting to be a big boy...over 9 pounds now!


I mean it-Seriously, mom?

New duds from Mamaw Becca for Valentine's

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Whew...what a week!

I love you this much!!!!

We had a very busy week...actually couple of weeks.

Here are some updates:

Owen went to the pediatrician Monday for his RSV vaccine. He weighed 7 pounds 12 ounces and was 18 3/4 inches long.

Tuesday we went to Indy to see the Pediatric dermatalogist...after an hour an a half waiting, we were examined and advised to watch them (the hemangiomas) closely-duh.

Wednesday we went to the ENT in Indy for Owen's ear check. After waiting over 2 hours, we were seen to check his ears and they showed occlusions in both ears this time (it was just his left before). Then we were sent back out to the waiting room for over another half hour before being seen by the student MD...he couldn't see in Owen's ears because they are so small. He had to consult with his "boss" a very elderly MD, who after we waited for for another 15+ minutes, who consulted another MD (probably a younger one) to see when Owen should have surgery to drain the fluid and place tubes. They decided to wait until he is 6 months old and reassess.

So, please PRAY his ears heal and he wouldn't need surgery, and would suffer no long term hearing loss or developmental delays from the current hearing loss caused by the fluid. We know he can hear us. He is even looking at us, engaging in active interest with us, etc. He even cracks some smiles and coos now! He's still having some feeding problems so please pray we would figure out a good solution to keep the work load of his eating time less for him (and us;-).

As always, I have a few new concerns-as you can tell, I'm not so convinced there's nothing wrong with him. I started noticing one of his eyes not looking at me when the other is. It's like when you are looking at someone and you don't know which eye to look at. This really bothers me and I don't know how I should persue. My doctor is either going to be able to buy something really nice with all our visits or ask me to change offices because I bug them so much. Owen is just so small to me. Even his hands and feet are small. So, it's probably not him, but me. So, maybe you should pray for me to receive peace about him. Don't get me wrong-he's 100% perfect to me, but I want to do the best thing for him and if there are treatable problems-fix them. Here's another cute picture:

Got milk?