Friday, February 16, 2007

So many measurements!

This is a photo taken on Valentine's day after the blizzard of our back patio...

It's not an optical illusion-the boys are standing on drifts that were as high as the door knob!!! In Lafayette we had 17 inches of snow fall and we had drifts in our yard 5-6 feet high!

Such a sweeetie!

More measurements for my precious 15 week old!

I weighed him today and we hit the 10 pound mark!

I measured him (this was a task) and he was around 20 inches. While he is still not on the growth charts and though his length is very far from the lowest percentile, I am encouraged that if he were charted at his gestational age of 7 weeks, he would be on the charts;-)

Nothing new to report otherwise. Owen has stayed healthy and strong thus far. He is eating well and gaining weight. He has even had some decent stretches at night without eating. He still sleeps a ton, but he's very social when he is awake. He's so very vocal! So he's not only a noisy eater but also a noisy chatter bug (which we love!). All for now...


Joyce Hall & family said...

Renay I am glad that Owen is doing well I have added Owen and your family to our small group prayer list. It is a wonder to see God working in our lives. God has a purpose for Owen & for your family. God bless and thanks for the updates.