Monday, October 01, 2007

Who dunnit?

A case almost as renowned as the "who shot JR" series finale of Dallas...uh, er-ok, so maybe...not so much....

The crime scene. Found 11:02pm in the Master Bathroom.

Suspect #1 The most likely perpetrator-Spidey Boy, aka The big brother. Good fit for the perp-last seen with the victim. Skilled with tools, motive: unknown.

Suspect #2: Not so likely, but with stealth like speed possible perp. Motive, none.

Suspect #3 The victim aka Jacob and now "Buzz". Motive: none. However, was present during the crime. Looks like a mug shot to me.

The crime? See exhibit A

Exhibit B
Exhibit C
So the story goes:

Mom (me) plans to head to bed last night and finds the evidence (picture 1) in her (MY!) bathroom. Hmmmm....she thinks-but in the tired stooper she's in, she decides she'll investigate in the morning. Fast forward 9am today. Mom asks "Jake" about the missing chunk of hair from his head. His answer "I dunna know". Mom asks again. His new answer "TJ made me do it. Mom says, "WHAT!!!" Are you sure TJ told you to do this? What did he say. Jacob responds, uh, I don't remember. Mom: Jacob, tell mommy how this happened. Jacob: Uhm er, :::::stammers and stutters:::::: TJ said to do it really fast. Mom:okey dokey, we'll have to talk to TJ about this. In the meantime-let's see what we can do about this new "do" of yours.

Uh, I don't think so.
Ah, much better. Fast forward 3pm today. Mom: TJ, you have one chance to tell the truth-THE FIRST TIME!....tell me what you know about Jacob cutting his hair. TJ::::deer in head lights type of confused look:::: uh, Jake cut his hair? Mom: JACOB!!!!! Tell mommy the truth right now! Did TJ tell you to cut your hair? Jacob: Yea. TJ: NO I didn't Mom: JAKE! Jacob: he didn't.

Ahhhh, sweet victory. Case closed-not so sure what to do about the missing size of Alaska chunk outta his head, but-at least we know he did it to himself and he has to live with it. He is quite embarrassed and wore a hat most of today. But, I don't know that preschool allows hats

Oh well, a first.

Onto the story of Jacob's 4th Birthday and party.

Jacob turned 4 Thursday September 27th. It seems like just yesterday that I had him---a little stinker then too. He just couldn't wait to make his debut unto this world showing up a full 6 weeks early. Thus, giving us our first taste of the NICU experience. The 1st longest 10 days of my life. He was quite a sick little boy. On a vent, then C-pap, nasal cannula, feeding tube, etc. We finally got to bring our little peanut home (birth weight 5 # 13 oz, lowest 5#6oz).

Look at him now!

Ecstatically opening up presents from mamaw Becca and mampaw Andy.
uh, yea-love the moon sand;-(

Onto the cousins party. Jake and Jonah share a celebration every year as they are 1 year and 362 days apart;-)
On a still related but unrelated to my trib to Jake entry-aren't they cute cousins? Lindsey and TJ are 350 days apart (Linz soon to be 9, TJ soon to be 8).
The was a Spiderman 3 theme.

A very scary spider cake....

Thanks Aunt Amanda and Uncle Jason for the liability, uh, I mean Scooter! Ahh, it's ok, Mamaw Becca got him a helmet, knee pads, and shoulder pads-it's all good.

A special Thanks to Jonah for the VERY SPECIAL Spiderman costume! Jacob LOVES it!
And to Grandpa Ron for the BIKE!
More pics from the party-and what's a party without masks and webslingers as party favors?

Jacob also says thanks to his Uncles Andrew and Zach for the Moon Sand stuff, Mamaw/Papaw Harbath for the very popular with the neighbor kids Spidey Skateboard (candy, moon sand, etc), Aunt Heath, Uncle Lee for the story board and other goodies, Uncle Casey/Aunt Kristi for the card/$, and Grandma/Grandpa Valiant for the DVD's, and savings bond!

It was a fun few days and I can't believe my boy is 4!!!
***Owen update*** Owen's a wreck. He's been ill for a while now from ear infections/drainage, to balance issues, to horrendous diaper rash and diarrhea. It's been miserable. I've been miserable. He poos soooo much I've upped him to size 3's just in hopes of less leakage of poo. Was pooed on today in fact at a staff meeting-ugh. I digress...Anyway, here's the news from the geneticist.
Was a very good visit. They are very thorough and kind. They were very impressed (and baffled) by Owers. The plan: return in 6 weeks in hopes that Cedars Sinai (dwarfism specialists in CA) will have completed it's review of Owen's skeletal survey. All was going well and I was speaking with a genetic counselor all about our 'Owen experience'...when the genetic counselor said it was time to get the MD. So, I'm like, ok. great.
Then he walks in and she says to him, "his films are still being evaluated at Cedars, but the say it they are leaning towards ::::muffled sound, her voice trails off-syndrome something or other:::: Uh, what? Huh? What just happened? "WHAT?" I pipe up. The Dr explains: Because they don't think he has a skeletal dysplasia, IF he has something wrong, they would consider syndromes.
:::::Sigh:::::It doesn't matter. I'm fine and we don't know anything and we don't need to worry about some potential syndrome before they have even finished their analysis. So, while I don't have much to report, they were baffled and said Owen is really going to make them work.
So, we'll see. I sure hope Owen starts feeling and acting better soon. This whole crazy, unstable 'wants to explore the whole house' phase is very tiring. But, I take so much comfort in remembering how I yearned for this baby's life this time last year.
Up next-watch back for the 11 month stats-coming soon!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely Adorable!!! Love the mohawk improv.

YaYa to Bryan

Kristi Valiant said...

Sweet haircut Jakey!

We'll keep praying for wisdom for the specialists examining Owey.

Anonymous said...

Really fun post! I've forgotten how mischevious children can be! Also was interested to catch up on your visit with the genetecist. Sigh. I guess the best answer is that you have a wonderful, happy baby boy with nothing "wrong" with him. Perfect in every way. Happy Birthday Jacob. Nice haircut:)

Jennifer/Owen W's grandma/Cat's mom

Tonya said...

Renay, WoW! That was ALOT of information!! I am still digesting it all sweetie! Happy Birthday to Jacob and way to grow to Owey!! Love the haircut, I guess they all must be a barber at some point in life and the middle of the forehead is the easiest place to start!