Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lobster ala Owey

What a busy last couple weeks we've had.

Owen up to his old tricks...

Exhibit A

Exhibit B
Exhibit C We do question his need for continuously splashing milk on his face...
I really have no idea why he finds this so entertaining.

My big boy, his first attempts to climb the stairs came about a week ago...ugh-nothing is safe now!

Lobster ala Owey!

Bon appetit!
I never thought I'd have a baby be in as much hot water as Owers has been!
Jakers showing off his preschool head band!

My favorite new thing! Owen says "Are you sure this thing is road worthy, mom?"
"Uh oh, I feel a bit car sick"
Hey, this isn't so bad-check me out!
Lovin' my new wheels! (which are really very old used wheels from a yard sale find-$10!!!)
A great day outdoors!

Look at me mom! Did you know I could do this?
Ok, so actually, we did. Owen has been pulling up some for about 2-3 weeks, but today when he pulled up on the gargantuous ottaman like he's been doing it his whole life, we were awestruck It took him like .001 seconds to pull up. So, what baby do you know that struggles to keep his balance sitting but can climb stairs and furniture like a pro? And he's lightning fast too...he can get around this place faster than I can! At the church nursery today (yes, I finally broke down and last weekend was his 1st official complete stay in the nursery and they love him) I was paged to come for him but it was because the crazy baby was so all over the place he slipped on a toy and bumped his head-he was just fine and no mark even. He's even pulling himself up on his exersaucer!
One of the boys last fun outdoor weekends of the summer. They lived it up as you can see from the dirt!
On one last more serious note:
Please pray for us this Wednesday as we travel to Indy, yet again for a gazillionth opinion about Owen. We will see Dr Escobar, Geneticist from St. Vincent's. He saw Owen "unofficially" at the LPA conference we went to back in March. He was really great with Owen and I really am hoping he can look at all the info we have gathered to this point and lead us closer to a diagnosis for Owen.
Pray for our safe travels and for guidance for Dr. Escobar.
AFN, Renay :-)


Amy F. said...

Oh my goodness, Exhibit C pic of Owen is SO cute! And I just love the little lobster in the pot, very funny. I was so glad to see you updated your site (as did I's a miracle!). I hope your trip to Indy goes well and you get some answers. I will be thinking of you!

Kristi Valiant said...

We'll be praying for wisdom to be given to Dr. Escobar as he examins Owen on Wed.
BTW, Jakey is such a cute kid; Love the dirt-crusted smiley face and the bleached blonde sun highlights.

Christine Bolton said...

We've seen Dr.Escobar for developmental follow-ups, our experience has been good. I'll be praying for your visit.

Michelle said...

Renay - you've been tagged my friend. You'll have to visit my page for instructions....

Anonymous said...

I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. I'm anxious to hear if you get any answers to your questions and what the answers are. Although we all can see that Owen is absolutely perfect,and nothing you learn tomorrow will change that!

Jennifer/Owen's grandma/Cat's mom.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that lobster looks way too good to eat! Hee Hee! Very cute!

Love Clare, Andy and Little Dungey xx