Saturday, September 01, 2007

A new phase, a lil' like Houdini, how'd they do that?, & 9-1-1!!!

I know, I know...all parents think their baby is a genius. Well, this will be refreshing then, since I'm a little worried about poor Owey. He's developed this strange habit of drinking some of his bottle, then, just when I'm not looking, he puts his binkie in his mouth and splashes the bottle all over his face. He did it twice yesterday! The second time I caught his cute, lil' mischievous self on film, uh-er, card, I guess. Here's proof of his "drinking problem".

My lil' Houdini can pretty much get to wherever he wants as fast as he wants. It's quite ingenious!

Owey: Mom, how'd ya think they got those little fish in there?
Mom: Owey, I'm not sure, but if you stare at it long enough...
Owey: I'll try tasting it...
Mom: Uh, nevermind...

TJ and I were chatting after I picked him up from school the other day. I was taking the boys on an infamous host packet drop-off. We drove a short ways from home towards the "country" and it was very pretty, but a bit remote from what the kids are used to. I pulled up to the home *finally* after driving down a LONG wooded lane. As we pulled up to the house, a BIG, no scratch that, a GINORMOUS dog -much like Kujo, comes towards the van. Uh, hmmmm...seems my host forgot to mention her little back woods security secret weapon. Ok, no problem. I'll just roll down the window a bit to assess this pooch. Hear doggy, doggy. Nice doggy?
Ok, situation assessed. I say to TJ after peaking at the bars on my cell phone (there was one) "Here, call 9-1-1 if the dog attacks me." He says, with the biggest, cutest, most naivest (new word?) smile on his face, "Ok, what's the address?"
I obviously lived.


How Life is Measured said...

It's coming and it's coming soon. A head to head, Owen to Owen cuteness smackdown! I'll be honest, your Owen is so cute even my motherly bias won't let me declare my Owen the clear winner. I know! How in the world are able to look in to that face and ever say no to that kid? Anyway, funny posts, you crack me up as usual. I'm glad you weren't mauled by a dog!
Talk to you soon!