Sunday, September 09, 2007

Do you like seafood?

I do..."see food"!!!

He, he! These are some of my fav pics of Owen feeding himself. He prefers the fistful, clutch method, but he is able to do the pincer-grip method also, where he picks up the puffs with his index finger and thumb. He's becoming quite a pro!

What am I???

I thought I'd try a fun little game of sorts. Every so often, I see something and it intrigues me-like this photo, do you know what it is? I'll post the answer in my next post;-) feel free to COMMENT on your guesses;-)

Owen's first french fry experience...his first thought "Mom, are you sure I should be doing this?"

Hmmm....smells good.

Oh well, I give it a try.

Ummm, good! Yum, YUM!!!

Sometimes he gets a bath just because, but this time, it's cause he needed it-apparently, even the best diapers don't hold 5 pounds of peeps!

It's a little cold in here mom.

Whoa, who's that handsome dude?

Look mom, he's touching my hand!

Is it going to be a bad hair day?

A tale of a naughty boy:

The above picture is what I found the other day after a disciplinary issue I had with, of course, the Jakester. I told him (in desperation to avoid abuse;-) to go to his room.

When I walked into MY room, I see this new fixture on Tim's pillow...

Is it a new ARM belt? No....

Ah, the belt has a face!

And the buckle is broken...

Hey, look how cute I am in my "new" duds...

Ok ,so these aren't new duds, they are hand-me downs. But, I'm stylin'! This is the first time for me in jeans and SHOES!!!

32 years in the making...

September 9th, 1975...oh what a day in history! A special thanks to Tim's parents for making this day possible! :-)
In case you are wondering...a FABULOUSLY sinful Cotton candy Ice cream cake from DQ. Super yum!

And if the picture posts weren't's an interesting question for you posed by my 7 yr old, TJ.

Why do fish have a heart and lungs like we do (as in humans)?

So, it occurs to most creatures have lungs and for that matter, a heart? Are you worried that a person such as myself, with a college degree-who even got an A in a VERY challenging BIOLOGY class can't answer a simple question from her son about creatures?

Do you know? DO all creatures have hearts and lungs? Like ants for example-do they have LUNGS? I seriously don't know-and the kicker, neither does my genius husband. I guess this is one more reason as to why we don't home school. Feel free to enlighten me with your knowledge-but be nice!


Anonymous said...

The pics are waaaaay cute. Owen is really growing up. I love the mirror pics especially!

YaYa to Bryan

Amy F. said...

Owen is too cute. Looks like Chik-Fil-A? We love that place. I think the mystery picture looks like a perfectly vacuumed carpet. If so, I'm impressed.

It's a beautiful day! said...

Great to see you on Sunday and to see Owen in person. The pictures are always so cute, but he is even cuter in person! Here is a link to our blog so you can keep up with all our going ons! (
Love, Megan

Anonymous said...

Your family is wonderful! There are some good looking genes in there for sure! I agree that the picture is a perfectly vacuumed obsessively, perfectly vacuumed carpet!!

Jennifer/Owen W's grandma