Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Survey Says...

Remember last week when I posed the question: What is this?

Does this help?

How about this...
Yes, yes. It is a nicely vacuumed carpet. It's my favorite room to vacuum. We call it our fireplace room-we've never had a fireplace until this home and we LOVE it! It's an open floor concept just off the kitchen and I LOVE to vacuum this room and then try to keep off the carpet as long as possible (if I do it around bedtime, it means up to 12 hours of undisturbed vacuumed beauty.
We have a great vacuum! Ok, so-I'm losing readership here, huh? Who cares about my vacuumed floor? I get it-but everyone has their quirks (right?) and my house is not spotless-nor even tidy most of the time. I have 3 kids-I learned long ago I could be sane (kinda) with messes and kids or insane with OCD cleanliness and very unhappy kids (and hubby).
So, it's a fun thing for me. Did you know that a thorough vacuuming is 10 passes in the same area? Talk about insanity! I do one pass to get the pretty pattern and call it good.
Thanks to my contributors Amy and Jennifer! You guys get the kuddos on guessing it right! If anyone ever has a great "what is that?" picture to contribute, feel free to email me and share!
AFN ;-)