Friday, May 02, 2008

Don't mess with Mr. Valiant

I love my husband...I really do. He's fearless. I don't brag on him near enough, but today is a good day for a good story.

Today he called me with the following story (dramatic emphasis added by author;-):

A man walks into to his local Walgreens and ends up at the returns counter. My husband is blessed enough to be the transaction officianado at hand. The man proceeds to ask for a cash refund for a $20.99 power outlet thingy (not sure exactly what the item was but you get the drift). Anyway, my smart hubby, thinks to himself "hmmm....what's this guy up to?". So he starts (professionally) asking the gentleman about the items purchase history as he is typing the details of it in the system to check 1) when it was last sold and 2) their on hand count. The "customer" doesn't recall when he got it (of course) and has nor receipt. My loving spouse asks the gentleman to wait there while he checks the current price in the aisle to make sure he gives him the right amount back (tricky, tricky). So, he (Tim) proceeds to dash down the aisle to see that there is one on the shelf (interesting, the on hand count shows TWO). Then he dashes into the office to check the security tapes (yes, this all only takes moments, but what a moron to stand there and wait). Of course, the security tapes show this fella walking in empty handed and walking to the aisle and picking up the item and taking it to the register for a REFUND. The nerve!

So, my fearless husband calls the police to alert them that the man may put up resistance when he refuses the cash request. And the dept says they'll send someone over. Mr. V must now compose himself to face the perp. He heads back out to the register and explains to the man that he is not able to offer him a refund since he did not purchase the item. The man maintains that he did but is obviously afraid of my ferocious buff spouse because he puts up little fight and my husband persuades him to leave empty handed. (The man still maintained that he walked in with the item even when leaving). So my husband ESCORTS him out (so brave) and watches him get into his car. As the dude is backing up the polk show up and Tim POINTS TO THE MAN AND THEY APPREHEND HIM!!! With little interrogation he admits to the crime and Tim saved the day!

He's known for another event where he actually chased a guy who had stolen a bunch of stuff so his employees this day were glad to know he didn't have to run any. knight in shining Walgreens attire! Je t'adore

A picture of us at Walgreens in 2002ish...where he still works, but is planning to open a new store here in town soon;-) And he now wears a bright blue shirt instead of the "smock"--- way more intimidating;-)


Emily said...


Way to be the President of Tim's Fan Club!

Great story. Great drama, too. I loved how you wrote it with such emphasis!

Go Tim and the WLPD. Poor thief. I wonder if he had tried it at other places?

Don't you feel so proud when our hubbies save the day?


Kim said...

What a great story-I cannot believe the nerve of some people-but Tim is smart to pick this up-Go Tim! I nominate him as good citizen of the week! Thank you for the entertaining way in which you told the story

Jessica said...


What a man you have as a stay cool, calm, and collected in such a situation. That guy trying to return the item could of been completely off his rocker and could of did something crazier yet! All for $20 ish dollars.

Glad to hear everything turned out OK!