Sunday, January 04, 2009

Random babbling and Christmas '08 memories

Well, it's a big shocker (I know) but I can't sleep again. I got a prescription 2 days ago and it's pretty worthless. I bet I was pretty funny last night as I was sitting on the couch about a 1/2 hour after taking the dose and suddenly I was unable to properly use the needle and thread (I was mending a pillow). What a site that pillow is right now;-) Anyway, this made an interesting time of getting up our stairs and into bed...I definitely felt drugged and had NO problem getting to sleep-it's the staying asleep part that I can't seem to master. It's like my body thinks the baby is already here so I'm awake to care for him-weird.

Anyway, I thought I'd recap a few fav moments from Christmas this year since I was able to get our camera to work a very little bit-oh and good news! Our new camera has arrived-oh how I love me a good camera!

Oh and a cute side note: Owen has done/said some real humdinger's lately! He now says "bless you" when I sneeze. There are so many other cute Owenisms...maybe I'll devote a whole post to them;-)

And the stockings were hung (make that laid since they were so full and heavy):

It's sad kids are so deprived:

Stocking opening time:

I love TJ's expression!

A high five moment after getting a monster truck Wii game from Grama Becca:

The boys posing with their joint gift...what could it be?

Jacob's answer: "Boom chick a wow wow!" to Mario Kart!

Owen opening his big finale gift-ELMO LIVE!

So precious!

Random Owen cuteness...Owen, where's the baby? It appears to be in his belly...

Owen as a budding artist:

Owen in one of many cute ELMO outifts from Christmas:

And we can't forget Owen's new friend-George. It actually isn't even Owen's but Jakes but Owen has claimed it and even made me dress him in some of his preemie jammies. Owen and George are practically inseparable! Just try and take George-you'll hear some whining and exclaiming "My George!".


Jennifer said...

Our Owen has George too! Actually he has here at Grandma's house. (I'm officially 'Ama now and I love having a name from Owen)! Looks like your Christmas was great and your boys are precious as usual. Love all of Owen's hair!

amy f. said...

What a fun (and present-filled) Christmas you had. (You never shared what your special gift was, did you?). The kids are growing up fast. Owen is just the cutest, always.

Emily said...

Great pictures! I cannot believe how grown-up Owen is looking. :)

Kim said...

I am so glad you still check in to the blog-after all IDOL STARTS NEXT WEEK! It's ok if you don't want to comment other than to say you are reading. I feel the need to recap but I need my biggest fan!
I have been thinking about you and checking in to see about SON #4!!!! I cannot believe how grown up Owen seems. He is beyond adorable. Happy New Year.

Kara Townsend said...

Owen and George are a precious pair!! Thanks for the update..I always look forward to getting on here and reading new fun info!
love you,