Wednesday, December 31, 2008

21 weeks and Happy 2009!

Wow 21 weeks along on the first day of 2009...what a neat thing. I don't have alot to add about be 21 weeks along-I feel surprisingly well and it's almost scary. The sleep issue I'm experiencing is bad *read as horrible and unimaginable as you can think of* but I will take no sleep because I am blessed a thousand times over expecting another child.

Anyway, 2008 has been a great year for us...

In January, Owen began walking at just 14 months of age!

In March, we celebrated our 10 year anniversary:

Then, we excitedly earned and took a cruise to the Bahamas with TJ in the spring.

When the summer came we really enjoyed the time outdoors with the boys and working in the yard.

TJ even got to do a skateboard camp (no photo;-( and Jake did a dino camp

AND played his first year of t-ball

In June we celebrated Father's Day at Holiday World:

Owen progressed and excelled beyond my wildest dreams and is really enjoying "school". He speaks in sentences and runs and keeps up with his big bothers.

We also enjoyed a great trip to WI in August to visit the WI fam and I was able to shoot this, my fav all-time pics of my 3 boys;-)

We were blessed by Tim having the opportunity to open another Walgreens, this one only minutes from our home.

And I was blessed by the wonderful opportunity to help open the L&D floor at this new great hospital working with wonderful women (note the pic of me and just one gal is Jessi who I helped orient as a new nurse and she is a ROCK STAR-love ya dude!).

TJ started 3rd grade at FCS:

Jake started PreK4:

Owen began infant care aka "school":

This fall we also took a second cruise of the year with my Sis Amanda and her hub Jason. We took TJ and Jake along and were floored when they upgraded our room to a fabulous suite (it was SWEET!).

Of course, coming home from that cruise provided the biggest blessing of the year-learning the news of expecting our fourth child.

Then just days before Christmas learning the baby appears to be a very well-growing healthy BOY!

Wow-5 Valiant boys and not just 4 anymore:-)

What a year it's been-thank you Lord for ALL the blessings AND trials in our lives. Thank you for friends and family and for the free gift of salvation through your son Jesus.

I pray you all enjoy a blessed and marvelous 2009 and also pray that the Valiant Family is blessed in 2009 with a healthy 4th child (who will hopefully have a name soon) and that we all stay healthy and able to keep sharing what about what is most important in life-Glorifying God and loving others as Christ loved us.


Jaime said...

What a wonderful year you have had! And with the birth of your 4th child, 2009 is looking to be pretty amazing as well!

Happy New Year!

Kara Townsend said...

Yes, God has mightily blessed you in 2008 and I look forward to seeing all He does in 2009!!!!
Happy New Year friend!
Love you,

Destini said...

You have lots of great memories from 2008! With the new little guy on the, 2009 will be another to remember! I love the picture of Owen in the puppy sweater, he is getting soooo big!