Thursday, December 11, 2008

18 weeks and our Christmas letter;-)

I am so blessed to be writing that I have made it to 18 weeks and am up and about enjoying the "Holidays" so far...I snuck another peek at the baby last night (no sex hints) and he's getting so's amazing how big he's gotten from the last look-wow! You can see fully formed arms and fingers and it's AMAZING!

Anyway, I'll keep this one short as I have included our family Christmas letter and pics of the's to a great report in a week!

Oh and PS Thank you to the many who are commenting and praying for us;-) To answer a few q's...we have not settled on names-in fact Tim hasn't even wanted to discuss names until we knew the sex...I have a girl's name we have our work cut out for us. I think we will share the name when we decide;-) I'll certainly announce the sex;-)

~Valiant Family Christmas Letter 2008~

It’s back…we’re back…I’m back…

Okay, so I’m still a little crazy and a lot busy. Let’s get this update started:

The Lafayette Area Valiant Family has been very blesses over 2008…

Let’s start with Tim: He has opened yet another Walgreens this summer! It was a grand opening and he is enjoying his new store and new challenges. He competed in Faith Christian School’s 5K and came in first for his age group! He also has been keeping very busy counseling via his financial counseling ministry and is enjoying our newest activity at our church, the College Ministry…what a fun and dedicated group of young men and women we can minister to. As always, Tim is enjoying our 3 boys-playing with them, reading to them and he even coached Jake’s T-ball team this past Spring.

Renay has been very busy also…what a change for our family as we have phased out our Pampered Chef business and Renay took a position here in Lafayette as a full-time Labor and Delivery nurse, helping to open the unit at the new Clarian Arnett Hospital just minutes from our home. As if working full-time hasn’t been enough this fall, we are also excited and blessed to announce we have another little Valiant on the way! The little fella (just a good guess) is due in May and Renay is doing well, enjoying her second trimester. The official ultrasound won’t be for a few more weeks, so if you want to know before next Christmas what we are having/had, log onto our family website anytime for updates:

TJ is a bustling 9 year old Third grader. He has finally lost his first tooth just weeks ago and is working on a couple more…he may be singing to the tune of “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth…” He is an active boy and loves playing with our wonderful neighbor kids and his friends from school.

Jacob is an inquisitive 5 year old Pre-K4 at Faith Christian Preschool. He’s developing right on track and his teachers at school all have wonderful things to say about him. He also loves playing with our neighbor kids. He enjoyed his first season of T-ball this past summer and looks forward to playing again this coming year.

Lastly, Owen is our full of energy 2 year old! He is also in school…we enrolled him in Faith’s infant care when Renay began working again this fall. He has began talking up a storm and even says sentences and is always making us laugh with his crazy antics. He is catching up, though still small-we were ecstatic when he reached the twenty pound mark at his 2 year check up. His school is even working on potty training him!

We pray this Christmas season is full of joy and fun for you. Remember the true reason for the season and spend more time with those you care about this year! We also pray 2009 finds you healthy and happy!

Merry Christmas! Love, The Valiant Family
Tim, Renay, TJ, Jacob, Owen, and one on the way