Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's a........

I'll let the picture speak for itself:

Oh what a plan God must have for me;-) Here's to praying for four lovely, caring DIL's.

PS The name debate is looking to be a good one...Valiant vs Valiant so you all might as well chime in too...remember to follow my rule that the name must be able to be cutesie-fied (ie TJ is Timothy Jr and was Timmy as a baby, Jacob is Jakey, Owen is Owey) get the idea-the rule may not stick though, we'll see-wa-ha ha ha ha < evil cackle >.


Kara Townsend said...

you know I'm thrilled for you guys!!!
john recommends "Johnny" I have to admitt that I like this one and not just because it's my hubby's name.
We like Joshua "Joshie".
Kevin "Kevie"
Kyle "Kyler Wyler"
Dillian "dill pickle" :)
Scott- Scottie..oooh...I like this.
Keith- Keefers :)
Chad- Chad-Rad (This is what we called my cute!)
James- Jimmy
Wade- Waders
Kenton- Kentie
I'll keep thinking...

Jennifer said...

Congratulations!I have no cutsie names for you. Sorry Renay. I'm sure you'll come up with a great name based on your track record. He's awfully cute already! Also a proven track record on that score!

It's a beautiful day! said...

Congrats! I posted a bunch of name suggestions awhile back so you may have to go search through old posts:) Hope to see you soon!

ang said...

4 boys!! Congrats!! Glad all is going well!!

I will have to get back with ya on some boy names.
Take care!!

amy f. said...

Yay, it's a boy :-) Glad you officially know. What a blessing he is and will be.

Some of Kara's names (and nicknames) are cracking me up. The baby name books and websites are quite handy, you know!!

Congrats on the news :-)

Amy said...

Congratulations, Renay. Hoping that you have a happy, healthy pregnancy.


Emily said...

Yay, Renay! I'm so happy for you!