Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas...20 weeks!!!

Well, it's actually Merry Christmas Eve...but I can practically taste Christmas. I am so excited for the boys. Tim has told me about a gazillion times that he is so excited about what he got for me-I wonder what it could be;-)

I am just so excited for Christmas morning...ok, I'll spill it-I got Owen ELMO LIVE!!! I couldn't see spending $60 on a silly doll but man is this guy cute AND the best part is bargain shopper me found him new, online, with free shipping, on sale for $50 and 20% off plus 15% more yes, I spent $34 ish but I really think he will love it as we go to "see" Elmo every time we go in ANY store that sells him;-)

The boys have their Wii and will be ecstatic about Mario cart along with the 2,000 gifts from Grama Becca that they are sparkling with anticipation to open. Talk about spoilage!

Have I mentioned I am excited about Christmas? I will also be tired as I work all night delivering those Christmas babies:-) There was a little baby boy tonight that I got to snuggle on and he was SOOOO cute...still in name limbo. My rules are really causing me issues;-)

So, I am also 20 weeks Christmas Day! The pregnancy websites say Baby V is the size of a banana. I haven't felt him as much as I would like but soon I hope to feel him rockin' and rollin'...sweet baby boy;-) Did I mention that the US tech said she was so sure about his gender that she'd bet her car on it (and she said she really loves her car;-). He also measured all above 19 weeks and I was 19 weeks exactly that day so that was very reassuring after the Owen pregnancy saga;-). Another website says that you are probably feeling wonderful about your regained question-what if you have no energy to regain?;-) I was caught waddling down the hall at work last night *nice*. Fat and sassy. Oh and my doctor has given me to my appointment just after New Year's to figure out what we shall do with my pathetic self (waddling and all;-). I'm not worried-I'm so glad to've made it through Christmas and this schedule at work...thank you Lord! And thanks for praying for us too...the prayers are getting us through days and weeks.

Well, Merry Christmas to everyone! I'd say I'll post lots of pics from Christmas but our camera is dead...maybe that's what Tim got me-love ya honey;-)

As Elmo would say "mmm hmmm...Kiss Kiss".


Kara Townsend said...

I'm so exited for you to be already 20 weeks...what a gift God has given you thus far!!!

What did you get..I'm dying to know!!???

amy f. said...

Congrats on 20 weeks...that's a milestone right there. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. We just now got Mario Kart and have been enjoying playing addicting!!

Kara Townsend said...

Just saying howdy! I stopped by your blog to see if you have a new post up.
Where has this year gone????
I know this is just a season of business.....miss you!