Friday, January 30, 2009

25 weeks and nothing witty...

I missed the 24 week post-what a milestone to miss-oops.

I'm now 25 weeks and have had an ultrasound (yesterday). Everything looked so good-he measured a little BIG!!! Can you believe it? Today I spent in delirium/borderline coma as a head cold started to come on last night and oh how I regret not taking Zicam! I'm miserable and useless. My poor kids are experiencing self parenting-but they did get a yummy frozen pizza for dinner (whoa, I did bake it before serving it).

Lots has been going on but I just haven't had the words to share. I'm trying now but it is sucking the wee bit of energy I have just to hold the laptop on my shrinking lap.

Owen has been super cute lately and is saying the darnedest things. I hope to devote an entire post to him and his antics-but thus far, he's not cooperated with photos, nor filming. Keep on me-it really will be worth it if I can just find the motivation (and cooperation) to get it done.

Don't give up on me;-)


April said...

I feel ya with the yucky colds, they are no funand apparently going around. :(

I miss you! We must get together soon!

Feel better soon!

amy f. said...

That's all?? I'm left wanting more here. :-)

I'm so happy to hear he is measuring big. That's GREAT news.

Please post again soon. Would love to see pics and/or video of Owen. It's been too long since I've seen his handsome self.

Hope you feel better soon. I can relate!

Jennifer said...

Owen is always super cute not just "lately"!! Can't wait to see more pictures. You sound very tired Renay. Take care of yourself....easier said than done.

Lora said...

Hi, Renay, sorry you're so under the weather. And can't take much for it I'm sure. But good to get an update from you! Hope you feel much better soon. Keep growing that little guy!!

Mandy said...

So sorry that you are not feeling. Praying that you get rid of the head cold. We have all had it here at our house.
Glad that you updated. Can't wait for more.