Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Nothing profound...

I know I won't update this little bit of info if I don't "just do it" so here goes:

Went to the MD yesterday with Owen to have a few things addressed like his hemangioma birthmarks and such. He weighed 6 pounds 14 oz! I put him in size one diapers recently and even though they are a bit big, boy do they hold more peeps! Yea! He is still in his preemie clothes though, likely because he is a bit vertically challenged;-)

Dr. Ho is going to let us see a pediatric dermatalogist in Indy to keep an eye on (and evaluate) Owey's hemangiomas. It will help me to feel better and know we are taking as close of care of him as possible even if they are completely benign (which Lord willing, they will be and they won't require treatment). I am beginning to feel a bit like a specialist junkie though:-)

I am excited to share more about my Bible study I'm going through on "brokeness" when I have more than a minute to write~ and of course, more so cute Owey pics! I also attended church again for the first time in almost 6 months since this whole adventure begun. Owen did ok, he's so loud though that we sit in a secluded area where the sermon is broadcast on a TV-away from germs and easily distracted ears. His little noises are so cute, so it's hard not to be distracted by his cuteness. Plus, it's a nice area to feel that we are a part of things without so many bodies around Owen (at least at this point-it's an awesome solution and answer to prayer!).

We all are seeming to get some colds now also-so please pray we all do well through our sniffles and that Owey doesn't catch anything.

All for now-blessings to ALL!


Nicole said...

It was so good to so you back in church last Sunday!