Saturday, November 03, 2007

Happy FIRST Birthday Owen Elijah!!!

I thought it appropriate to begin this post with a Thank You.

Thank You Lord for blessing us with this precious boy! Thank you for giving us an incredible first year with him. I marvel at the blessings you bestow. Thank you!

November 3rd, 2006 6:47pm Owen Elijah Valiant entered the world weighing just 2 pounds 13 ounces and 14 1/4 inches long!

Wow, what a difference a year makes! He has his 1 year check up soon but from his recent appt with the geneticist, I know he is weighing somewhere around 16 pounds and has surpassed 25 inches! Wow, how Owen is growin'!

I took his picture this morning while he was still sleeping. I really can't believe my baby is 1!!!!

And the things he can do! He is quite the dancer. He breaks out in some hip movement when you say "Dance, Owen" is sooooo cute! Please check out his first ever you tube video set to a bautiful song called "My Beloved" by Kari Jobe. He has come so far-cruising along furniture, laughing, babbling-and he is the Peek-a-boo champion of the World! He is really right on schedule and we have no concerns that he won't catch up in all cognitive areas.

We surprised all the kids today with a trip to Buccaneer Bay, which is an indoor water park here locally. We swam the day away and snacked on goodies including Owen's very own cupcake! Yum!
Obviously, it set all around this cool pirate theme. And, believe it or not, a day pass is very affordable!
Yes, I entered this hole (what was I thinking?)....

...and I squeezed out of, er, uh-I mean, exited thru this one;-) Whew, the jaws of life were not needed to get me out;-)

The kiddos at the start of the day.

Am I having a bad hair day?

See the big trunk at the top of the picture above? Every so often, you'd hear this loud fog horn and ....
Kur-splat! You'd get drenched if you were ANYWHERE near the tsunami!
Thanks to the boys for this great photo capture! (the tall dark haired boy in the back was just some pool guest-geesh, like you'd think we were in a public place;-)

Here, I'm beaming them from this water cannon-notice I'm clutching the camera with my death grip to avoid myself being in ANY photos!

Uncle Lee being a goof ball.

Owen applauding mommy and Aunt Heather's surprise party!
The view from the mezzanine overlooking the "bay".

Owen as his cupcake is served.
ummmmm...not bad.
I think I'll inhale it.
No, I never inhaled;-)
Wraaahhhhh....I'm king of the WORLD! Yea!

This is a blast!
Thank you, thank you!

And finally, here is how the day ended. I put Owen to bed shortly after his official birth time struck after cuddling him for a few rare moments (all he'll really give me;-( and saying a prayer of praise to the Lord for entrusting me with this child.

Lastly, thank you to my faithful 3 readers (just kidding, see guest book for my sarcasm), no-ALL the readers who have taken interest in our experience with Owen. I'm sure we'll have many more stories to share as Owen grows and develops... I'd love to keep sharing!
Happy FIRST Birthday Owen!


amy f. said...

Buccaneer Bay looks so cool! Great idea. Looks like the kids had a blast. Owen sure enjoyed his cupcake. I can't believe he's one. The video with "Beloved"--love that song and he just looks so sweet. Glad everyone had a great day!

Cheryl D said...

Happy Birthday Owen Elijah
Wow how you've grown and your mum is so proud of you (and rightly so!)

You have been blessed with three beautiful boys. I am so glad you had a happy day. We are still enjoying reading your story.

With love
Cheryl - Andy's mum, Theo's grandma

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Owen on a blessed year! You are such a gift to everyone else!

Jennifer/Owen W's grandma/Cat's mom

How Life is Measured said...

Oh my goodness! These are definitely some of the cutest pictures yet. Happy Birthday Owen! Just remember, birthdays last the entire week so milk it for all you've got. I'm so glad you have shared your life with us. Bucaneer Bay looks awesome! Maybe we should road trip to Indy sometime.

Anonymous said...

Happy Be-lated Birthday Owen!!! My, so much to CELEBRATE! What a joy it is to see these beautiful boys grow up before my eyes. What a blessing from God Owen is. Thank you for sharing his life with us.

YaYa to Bryan

Tonya said...


Continue to grow and share that beautiful smile!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Owen! That cupcake looked good! :-)