Thursday, December 27, 2007


What....coal? No stockings? "I don't understand" TJ said. "it's cuz we've been naughty silly" exclaimed Jacob.
Whew...we did get stockings after all. Those tricky parents!

Above: What our living room looked like after all the presents were opened. Nothing deterred Owen from getting where he wanted to go.
Jacob's prized gift this year: a "ben ten watch" doesn't even tell time. Oh well, not bad for $4.99;-)
Owen really wasn't much for opening gifts, but I did get this shot. You'd have thought he like it more since we had to keep him away from the tree for a month!

You can't beat this expression;-)

Off topic: TJ built a snowman out of our "blizzard" snow a few weeks ago;-)
This was Owen watching him!
What do you think of our house lights this year? Just kidding. It's really a close by neighborhood home that puts on quite a show to music and all...very neat-though WAAAAYYYY out of our league.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!!!! I'm looking forward to a blog-filled '08!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family. Those boys could bring cheer to even the Grinch himself. Merry Christmas...and wishes for a healthy, happy New Year.

YaYa to Bryan

Candi said...

Thank you for sharing your Christmas with us! It looks like everyone had a blast! Owen is growing up so fast! I wish you all the best in the New Year! Keep in touch!!


Jennifer said...

Handsome boys! Looks like the Valiant Family had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year

Tonya said...

The boys look like they had a blast!! Happy New Year!!

Amy said...

What do ya mean you don't get the kids much? Looks like they made out very well :-) I love TJ's snowman and it's too cute that Jake and Owen were watching him like that.

Hope the rest of your holiday festivities are going well!

Lora said...

Great pictures, Renay. What a cute bunch of little guys - Thanks for sharing!