Monday, January 14, 2008

Icicles, stairs and cousins

Today when I was talking to my friend Amy on the cell phone I was multitasking and picking up TJ from school when, I found myself unable to focus on our conversation as this is what I saw:

Yes, I helped make him into icicle boy, but I had forgotten. It is spirit week at school and today was "polar day". So, with no polar type shirts nor toys, I got out the saran wrap and started wrapping his head. This, plus the snowflake robe was the end result. TJ was labeled as the most creative, so that was fun;-) I couldn't not tell Amy about icicle boy as I was chuckling and when I tried to describe him, she said she couldn't imagine, so this is the background info;-)

Here (below) is Owen trying to get up the stairs past the gate-he was successfully able to scale over it (the gate) and was elated when he reached the halfway point of our "landing type" stairwell;-)

I just got back from a Pampered Chef conference (shameless plug:-) Tim stayed home with the boys while I was gone. When I returned, Owen was standing, taking steps, giving hugs, etc. Tim says he (Owen) can do all our steps in less than 60 seconds-he's right.

Lastly, here are the latest cousin pix from earlier this month. Drew is only 9 months (and very mid-sized when it comes to babies his age)...Owen is 14 months. I've requested Drew's hand-me-downs:-)


Amy F. said...

Thanks for posting the picture. Wow, you weren't kidding about that being one big icicle!! I get so frustrated with Saran Wrap...I don't know how you created something from it, but good for you. You had great motivation :-) TJ looks like he's shivering, nice pose for the camera.

Owen's doing all that after a couple of days, huh? I think it's hilarious that he's climbing up the "gate ramp." He's so proud of himself at the top of those steps--he should be. You thought you had to keep an eye on him before...Go, Owen!

Tonya said...


Mom, watch out!! I just started going through this with really is cute to see them navigate such a task. Try to get him to do it everyday!! That's the trick to a parent's good night sleep! ;)


Jennifer said...

Owen and his cousin Drew look like our Owen and his cousin Drew! Owen gets hand me downs too although not too many right now because Drew lives in FL where he's still wearing shorts! Your boys are so darn cute.