Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy 3 months today Griffin!!!!

Boy oh boy...could there really be any better a baby? I'm so not bragging...Griffin is So good. He loves to be held, but in an enjoyable cuddly way and not in a demanding, manipulative way.

I just weighed him and with a onesie and diaper he was 10.4 pounds ---he's really a chunko monko these days.

We have been very busy (or very lazy) lately.

We've had a garage sale, taken a very quick trip to WI to visit/fish, been to the fair, the park a few times with this seasonably cool weather, recent hair cuts, done lots of yard work, and done lots and lots of bargain shopping-YES, with ALL 4 boy in toe or is it tow???.

Back to the baby Griff -he is sleeping better through the night-though not in his cradle-he has a weird aversion to it;-) So about 6 hours is the norm. Taking 5 ounce bottles every 3 hours when awake and sometimes longer stretches. He still will drink any formula I offer him (which is SUCH a huge blessing). We have started him on probiotics because his poo is soooo stinky! No noticeable difference yet but it's still early (I think, I hope).

He's on the verge of talking-I just know it. He looks at us talking to him so intently and tries to make his voice work. We've heard definite "h" sounds and it's so stink'n sweet. He's still wearing size 1 diapers. He has COMPLETELY outgrown his newborn size clothes. I have him in the few 3-6 month outfits and onesies we have for him.

He takes a binkie but if it's not in his mouth and he needs it, he shoves his fists in his mouth and makes loud smacking sounds. He still sleeps alot but has definitely begun to find his hands and bat at toys hanging and such. He also will cry if he is alone and wants someone to come-he will open his eyes every so often to check to see if anyone is watching;-) If you start to talk to him, he will calm down and even smile around his cries.

Ok, now for the photo recap:

The 4th of July in their Old navy tees:

not everyone wanted to pose:

the baby wearin' mama:

love'n lake MI:

love these boys (minus one of course):

Patriotic fam:

TJ's kinda gross, kinda cool fish skeleton:

TJ's first big lake fish:

Griffin lovin' fishin':

Brave fishermen return:

There's no small fish with Owen around:

Grampa helping the boys catch from the "so safe" rocks:

The boys enjoying the ducks:

Wow Griff:

Party on dude:

Pre-hair cuts (aka shaggy ville):

Post-hair cut fine lookin' boys:

Dr. Jake:

Dr. TJ:

Dr. Owen:

My DH-nice shirt:

The crazies about to go on the "storm":

Swimmin' in a baby pool wears this baby out:

Hopefully, I will get back into the swing of posting...that is, if I have any readers left;-)


Kara Townsend said...

those pictures melt my heart! how sweet!
love you guys!

amy f. said...

Aww...Griffin's getting big! The pictures are great. Looks like you had a nice trip. Hey, what sling do you have and do you like it? I'm looking to get one, but have no idea which kind to get! Let me know :-)