Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy 6 months old today Griffin!!!

What a big boy you are now!

Today you had your first EVER solid foods-rice cereal and bananas...yum!

You seemed to like them and kept moving closer to the spoon but you shuddered a couple times at the banana taste. It was super cute to watch you experience this milestone!

You are getting stronger and closer to rolling over and sitting alone.

No sign of any teeth yet (except tons of drool and incessant gnawing at your hands;-).

You are sleeping in your cradle but are days away from the big move to your crib!

You wear 3-6 and 6-9 month clothes-many of which Owen wore just last year!

You weigh almost 14 pounds (at least that's what you weighed a week ago when you visited the doctor for a dreaded 1st-ear infection!).

Your biggest news is following in your big brother Owen's foot steps and needing to wear a cranial orthotic (called a Star Band) for plagiocephaly. All those big words just mean your noggin' is pretty flat but we'll get it rounded out in no time. You just got your new head band Wednesday and you've done great so far-but today we did notice a dreaded "pink spot" that has been slow to fade so you got to try your solid foods with a "band break".

You belly laugh out loud and coo and grunt and even yell often. You love your brothers and SO FAR all of them love you so much. Owen loves to play Pat-a-cake with you. You are drinking 6-7 ounce bottles every 3-4 hours during the day and still wake up in the wee hours for a bottle too;-)

You (and Owen) both see your pediatrician next week for your 6 month (and 3 year!!!) check ups!

You are such a delight and we all love you so much! Happy 6 month birthday baby boy!

PS Here is a cute shot of you from your 5 month photo shoot (all 4 of you precious Valiant boys have worn those same bib overalls at some point for a monthly picture!):