Thursday, September 18, 2008

F is for FUN!

We've been back for a full week now and it has been ROUGH to find ANY time for ANYTHING. I certainly haven't been up on this blog nor any other. I'm behind on email, laundry, house cleaning-yep, just about everything in my life.

Working full-time is ROUGH! Hats off to all who successfully manage this daily. I am getting my first paycheck tomorrow though, so I hope it makes it more worthwhile;-)

Oh, and for those who don't know, we are back from a cruise with my lil' sis Amanda and BIL Jason (and Tim, TJ, and Jake-thanks G-ma Becca for lovin' on Owen while we were rockin' away on a very large boat during hurricane season;-).

It was FUN-thus, the title of this LONG overdue and completely inept post. It's already 9pm and well past my bedtime, so I won't be posting much about it but to say it was so much fun and I'm glad to be back on solid ground (kinda). It definitely WON'T be our last cruise! And, I will post more about it soon;-).

In other news, I am one week *free* of caffeine. I am looking forward to Grey's Anatomy, Heros and many other fall premieres. I love ABC's campaign for National stay at home week in honor of all the previews next week;-) My only downfall is that I will be too much of a weeny to stay awake for them all. Thank God for the DVR;-)

Owen is doing great in childcare and I've commented frequently as I leave how awful it is to have him scream for me (not, he actually says "Bye" and closes the door in my face!).

Oh and my blog is 2 years old now! Wow! How shameful that I haven't posted in a gazzillion years.

Hmmmm...what else? Um, oh-I am glad my Wednesday night Bible study has started back up again. I also am having a great time being a "sponsor" (which is a glorified title for hanging out) for the College Ministry with my church. I feel really old though. I have discovered facebook because of the group which also makes me feel OLD!

I think that's all for now.


April said...

I have missed you!!! Sounds like you have been very busy.

Hope to see ya soon!


Kim said...

Renay! I have missed you! I was like-wait I started watching AGT and your blog stopped!!!!
I am completely psyched for the beginning of TV. Tonight I have 2, yes two DVRs set for all the shows I watch!

I am so glad you had a great time on your trip. Looking forward to the pics.

No caffiene? Girlfriend-the only way I successfully get through working and single mommyhood is through coffee. Hats off to you!

So glad you are back!