Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fun times while I should be sleeping...

*As usual, blogger spell checker isn't working---so forgive my typos, etc*

This is what the non-sane people do when they should be sleeping...finally make a blog post about what's been going on.

1st up: the verdict on the new gas meter $65 but with labor, the bill was $189...way more than our typical birthday gift amount for our youngins'.

What's wrong with this picture?

Something you don't see everyday, eh?

Now onto the Owen and his cosmetic fiasco pics I promised...10 for your viewing pleasure...oh the captions I *could* use for some of these shots;-)

Can you believe him? Oi-vey.

We let the boys do soccer this year...2 games down so far...they LOVE it! Who knew? Each of them have been awarded special patches each week-TJ got the best attitude award (at least he gets that somewhere:-) the first week and most improved the 2nd week (he scored FIVE goals -and only one other kid scored 1) and Jake got best effort (and scored a goal too!)! I'm so proud of them. Soccer is way more fun than I thought it would be. I missed TJ's game this week, but here are some shots of Jake in action (or lack thereof;-):

Here's what Owen did the WHOLE time:

Nope, don't worry, not ONE person stared at us the whole game...not one;-) Really-no one shot us glares and snickered as we dealt with our heathen. No one.

Lastly, I couldn't resist showing off my latest couponing score:

The first picture is my Target trip from Saturday: I spent around $16 but left with a $5 Target gift card (so net of $11). Included are 16 individual string cheese, 6 boxes of cereal, 5 boxes of Fiber one bars (da bomb!), 9 individual portion cereal cups, and 2 new bounce dryer bars (haven't tried yet).

Second photo is my Meijer trip from Saturday: I spent $2...yes I'm serious. AND, I walker away with $6 in Meijer bucks (net +$4). Included is 6 boxes of kool-aid singles for a soldier care package donation, 2 boxes corn, 5 bags frozen peas, 2 lysol spray cleaners, 2 lysol toilet bowl cleaners, 5 healthy choice meals, 2 jars pickles, 2 apples, 1 caramel dip, and 1 bag saurkraut.

It was a very fun shopping trip to spend $18 total in cash and walk away with $11 in "on your next purchase" bucks. I already used them too-on todays papers to get my inserts for future couponing endeavors!

I will mention working full-time has left my house in shambles, me with no friends, and I don't even know why we have cable. But, I'm working, my kids are fed and clothed, and I'm couponing-so life is still pretty good.

Oh- and no, everyone is not well-YET! TJ and I made a trip to urgent care Thursday night for his mono-like symptoms (tested negative though-on an antibiotic now), Tim is still ODing on Tylenol daily, and now Griffin is having diarrhea and not eating.

Life is good though;-)


ang said...

Sorry to hear sickness still lingers on at your house. Hopefully this will be a better week!
You have got to teach me about this couponing!!! Those deals are awesome!

amy f. said...

Owen looked like he got in a fight! You really need to teach an informal coupon-ing class for your friends...I'm not kidding. Sometime in the next couple of weeks?? :-) Please share your tips for good diaper deals with me, too! I want to get them as cheap as possible before we invest in the cloth ones.

Kara Townsend said...

You are definately a great strategizer!!!
You know how i feel about you working....miss you :) But, I'm still your friend!
love ya,

Lora said...

You are one busy lady! I'm assuming that's lipstick on Owen? The 3-year-old granddaughter of a friend recently painted her entire face black with some kind of marker, so she could look like their kitty. Daddy was in charge at the time, Yikes!