Tuesday, September 08, 2009

We are a mess...

Seriously...we couldn't be anymore of a mess.

I started working full-time. God laughed at me.

Here is what has transpired since I began working:

Things started out ok-I got an eye infection (my 4th or is it 5th? in just a couple months-blasted contacts!).

Jake got quite the yucky cold so we asked my sister to be on stand by for kid duty so I could still work. Ironically enough, the next day, TJ was sick. Verdict-the flu.

Jake continued with his cold and it turned into a nice case of impetigo in his nose-lovely.

Griffin got his 4 month immunizations and of course, they gave him a nice bought of the fussies and fever.

Owen got the flu mist vaccine and he got a nice fever as well (I requested the shot for him b/c he deserved it but they denied me the request).

TJ continued on with his "flu" for 3 days and finally went back to school on Friday. He then landed back in bed by the weekend with fever yet again.

And the grand daddy of them all...for our lovely 3 day weekend, Tim got the flu also. He's been in bed (or on the couch) since he woke up Saturday morning and it's really been the most pathetic thing...I will spare the details here to protect what little dignity he has left. He's already called off work for Tuesday...I can't WAIT to go back to work Tuesday (today) and it really is 2am. I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep.

It has been MISERABLE being the single parent of a 4 month, 2, 5, 9 and 33 year old. I haven't been the best example nor had the most patience.

I've learned Owen has 2 levels-unconscious (when he's sleeping) and really loud (all other times). Griffin is needy...what a selfish 4 month old. Jake is very self reliant, impetigo and all. TJ and his father are...well, I think I may have to play the 'if you haven't anything nice to say' card.

Owen also is sporting the remnants of a make-up stained face as I didn't trust my instincts and allowed there to be "quietness" for a bit too long Saturday. I wear a lip product that stains the lips and it works lovely to keep my pale lips looking pretty all day...but Owen's eyebrows and cheeks are a different story. Not soap nor water will remove that stuff-serves ya right you little terror.

God is still laughing.


Janet A said...

I had no idea how exciting things had been at your home! I will be praying today - let others help you! How about I bring a meal tonight? Maybe about 4:30 and you can either use it now or later...

Kirsten Smith said...

I'm so sorry that you're all sick. It's been making the rounds through our house too. Yech! In spite of it all, your post was hilarious though ;) I'm praying for a quick and speedy recovery!

amy f. said...

I'm really sorry to hear life has been cruddy with illness. Sounds like it's been unbearable...and with starting work, too. I did like that you advocated for Owen to get the shot instead of the mist, haha. Anyway, hope your entire household is healthy very soon. Also, hope we can get together sometime once things are back to normal in your house...let me know.

Kara Townsend said...

oh dear...what a weekend! I'll pray for you friend!

Anonymous said...

I wear that shade too. A bugger to get off in a hurry. Tell Owen Uncle Jason will teach him to put it on correctly.