Wednesday, August 26, 2009

4 months old!

Griffin has hit yet another milestone...he's 4 months old!

What a little ham! Here are a few of the shots from his 4 month picture trip (I heart Target!).

He doesn't go for his 4 month check up for a week or so (since i screwed up and forgot to schedule early;-) I weighed him here at home. I ht ought he was quite the chunk but my beloved growth charts show him staying right on track with his weight (small but mighty;-) in the 10th percentile...with a jammie and dry diaper on he weighed 13 pounds even! Now for the length...I wouldn't of guessed it but unless my measuring tape is whacked, he is only 23 inches which make shim a real shorty in the ZERO either I stink at measuring or he's not staying on track with his length worries-no plans for the NBA anyway.

He's busting outta 3 month clothes and as soon as we finish off this pack of size one diapers, he'll graduate to size 2's. He's become more vocal and makes the cutest (at least right now) whiny sounds. He rolls to his side and looks for us and scootches in circles (slowly but surely). He's still on 6 oz of formula around every 3 hours, except at night which he sleeps through pretty well.

That's about it for the lil' stinker right now. I'll update when he has his check-up if my measurements were off.


amy f. said...

He's not that old...he can't be already!!

Michelle said...