Tuesday, August 18, 2009

TJ & Jake 1st day of school 2009

Whew! Glad that is over...I'm back home and settled in from getting TJ to his first day of FOURTH grade and Jake settled in to his first day of KINDERGARTEN.

I fought back the tears (a few times) as the first day always fills me with mixed emotions of happiness for my healthy kiddos and the bittersweetness of knowing they are a year older and have new adventures and challenges ahead.

Ok, on to the photo journey...hang with me here:

Jake eating from the Celebration plate-his "K" shaped pancake and snowman shaped pancake. The celebration plate saw it's first use ever at the Valiant home for TJ's first day of kindergarten-since then we've pulled it out for b-days, and other special firsts.

TJ with his "4" shaped cake:

All 4 boys at breakfast:

Handsome TJ:

Cuteykins Jake:

Other fun first day pics:

My 4 sweet boys ready to load into the van:

At school-it was a drearyish day:

TJ with his 4th grade teacher Miss Hicks:

Jake with his kindergarten teacher Mrs. McQueen:

Jake at his desk:

Owen loving on Jake (he didn't want to leave Jake and was confused as to where his seat was;-):

Other thoughts about the morning: Where to begin? Geesh-it is hard getting up 4 boys, getting them breakfast, myself ready, them ready, a packed lunch for TJ, backpacks, and safely loaded into the van in order to be to the school around 7:50am. Just an observation. Oh, and before I forget-HUGE praises to God for arranging it that Griffin is sleeping soundly in his carrier (even though overdue to eat) and Owen is watching Scooby so I can even compose and post this. Also, I am so thankful that we have been blessed with the resources to send our boys to FCS...how awesome to get to see Jake start the day in prayer with his class (the prayer was led by his teacher). The school also had a great mini-pep session to get the students excited including a great game of Simon Says (Jake was clueless;-) and then some fun roller board relays...so thankful for no injuries;-) The school administrator prayed for the school year, and then the teachers and kids joined in a fun FCS cheer. It was during the pep time in the gym that I fought back the tears as I realized in just moments, I'd be leaving without kisses or hugs or even waves goodbye.

I did walk with Jake's class to his room to get pictures. He was very subdued and quiet. He was all slouched over and uninterested looking. Owen kept saying in a sweet voice "Hi Jake". I finally let him go over to Jake's desk and give him a kiss and hug good bye. Me, Owen, and Griffin left just after attendance was taken. Jake has 19 in his class and there are 2 sections of k-garteners (the other section has 18). TJ has just 23 kids in his class and his class does not have a second section-he is in the smallest class in K-6th grades at FCS but, it is the first year he has attended with this large of a class as they've always had enough for 2 sections-ussually around 18 or so in each section-so many classmates could not re-enroll this year-thanks economy.

I pick Jake up from half day K at 11:30 and TJ at 3:30. I'm sure the day with go fast-but not fast enough for Owen who already misses his bros. I better end to get some stuff done around here before 11:30 rolls around. Yay for another first day of school gone by!

PS blogger is mean and spell check isn't working so I'm going to post knowing that there are some typos, etc but Griffin calls

Oh and a cute blast from the past-oh where has the past 4 years gone???:


amy f. said...

Awww...looks like it was an awesome morning (although understandably a little emotional for you). The boys are beautiful and growing so fast. Great pictures to capture the memories. Love the flashback to TJ's first day of Kindergarten. How organized are you that you put Jake in the same clothes for his first day...very impressive. Also, your ability to get 4 boys out the door in time for school early in the AM (bowing down to you).

The Valiant Family Updates said...

No bowing down...

Not worthy-seriously NOT worthy.

Also, not as organized as you think...truth is, I bought Jake over 100 in school clothes just to find *weeks* later a bin full of TJ's clothes and no receipt to return Jake's clothes...plus, I thought it was a little lame to make Jake wear the same thing, but then I decided to just go for it. Thanks for commenting. We should get together soon.

Kristy V said...

Awww...cute pics! I will be posting Chunky's first day pics too! I did not cry but wanted too. Your boys are beautiful and getting so big! Thinking of what to put in lunches are hard work!

Kristi Valiant said...

I love how Owen looks so excited too in the pic of the 4 boys! What cuties! We're hoping to hoping to make a trip up there to see you guys this Saturday for the whole day - talked to Tim at the beginning of the week about it. :)

Kara Townsend said...

I love their bright cheerful smiles! They are so photogenic :)
You are a great mom and I know you'll have a great school year with them. And boy, are you ever right...time flies! Weren't we just taking Abby and TJ to kindergarten????
Love you!

Kristi Valiant said...

Well, it looks like we won't be able to come up to visit this weekend since Debbie is still sick. Hopefully you guys will be able to make it to Grant's birthday party and we'll see you there!

BRYAN'S YAYA said...

You are so blessed. Sweet, sweet boys.