Friday, August 21, 2009

Hi-ho, hi-ho...

It's back to work I go!

You may remember way back in the early summer when we (myself, Tim, and my L&D boss Julie) decided I'd return to work in L&D in August-working likely Monday nights...

Well, if you haven't noticed, August is almost over and I've yet to go here's the scoop.

I found out that there were not going to be "guaranteed hours" for me to work Mondays, nor possibly at all, so about a month ago, I began looking at other options. I thought about being a flu shot nurse or learning (ugh-yes, learning) a new area of nursing.

However, my heart is to stay at home with our boys-especially with Griffin being so young. But, since that would not align with our family's financial goals, a SAHM I can not be-right now at least. Yet, learning something altogether new would be very unlikely with me desiring to be VERY part-time.

So, I called up my wonderful L&D boss Julie and surprisingly, she had another option for me to think about. Tim and I tossed it around, I searched around for reliable childcare and decided to apply for the position. I had an interview about 2 weeks ago and FINALLY heard back---

Yep! You guessed it, I got the job;-). So here are the specs: I'll be working as a phone triage nurse (though the duties are much greater than chattin' on the phone all day-bummer) at the Cascada OBGYN office...isn't that ironic-the office that I cried gallons of tears over while pregnant I'll be working at;-) He, he. I think it's funny (and embarrassing). I will work Mondays and Tuesdays and the amazing part is, all the childcare worked out PERFECTLY! TJ will of course be at school all day. He'll just need to head to aftercare those 2 days. Jake will go to all day kindergarten those 2 days only (and they gave us super reasonable rates). Finally, Owen and Griffin will be heading off to their own little kid school-a great child care and preschool ministry of Elston Family Church (where I attend some women's ministry events, including Heart to Heart on Wednesday nights).

Are you ready for the BEST part? I have to train/orient for 2 weeks and during that time-they will POTTY train Owen! Woot-woot! *Jumping up and down*! That is priceless!

Seriously though, I'm actually very sad and apprehensive about going back to work, but I believe that the Lord has opened this door for a reason and worked everything out for us so, that does give me great peace.

With this, we are embarking on super busy times...I start next Thursday and then will work solid through the 15th of September before settling into my Monday Tuesday routine. This coupled with TJ beginning on a swim team (that's if he makes the team) that practices every night (but we'll only attend 3 or so nights (*only-rolling eyes*) and Jake starting Soccer.


In other news, Griffin will be 4 months old Monday (tears falling). Owen went pee-pee on the potty today (cheering...pee-pee in the pott-y!). I am getting over the stomach flu (thank you TIM) AND we are still not unpacked/settled back in from a recent trip to Wisconsin we took (post coming soon). Oh and Griffin still has a cold (yuck-y!).

So, that's the scoop-pretty lengthy, I know. Pray for us;-)