Monday, August 03, 2009

Stuff and I'm just wondering...

Griffin is in full-blown cooing mode. *Precious*
He also sat and smacked his lips while we ate dinner tonight. *Hilarious*

Tim had some minor surgery today. *Pathetic*
I was asking him if I could get him anything and he said "you could take a sugar pill so you would be sweeter". *Seriously nervy*
I hid his pain medicine for that. *giggle*

I owe TJ $10.00 because he loaaded (and unloaded) a bucket (sand castle size) 100 times (at 10 cents a trip) and took it back and forth to relocate landscape rocks. *Devoted*

Owen dances around while singing like Stevie Wonder. *Beautiful*

Jacob informed us that he would like to change his name when he grows up. What?
Yep, and for now, he would like to no longer be called Jacob, but only Jake. *Okey Dokey*

Now on to me wondering...what blogs do you read? Seriously, I want to know. I think I'm missing a lot of amazing writers and what God has for them to share because I'm in my own little rut or 10 or so blogs. Most of the blogs I read are about people and their lives...a few on frugal spending and couponing and such-but I'm looking for MEATY, seriously daily life transforming words right now...

Know of any such blogs? Please share in my comments section. Thank you.


Kristy V said...

2 that I read are Jaime is a Money Magnet, and The Pioneer Woman. I also read 2 off of Jaime is a Money called the Martha Initiative and one about baking. Will let you know the names when I think of them. Also read the Living on a dime blog.

The Valiant Family Updates said...

Thanks Kristy...miss seeing you-will you be coming to HTH this fall at EFC?

colemanfamily4 said...

are you reading mcmommy?? If need to now! She is SO funny! She is on my blog roll..

It's a beautiful day! said...

I love It's by the Mahaney's and we have alot of their resources in the Resource center. It's all great stuff!!! There are a few others, but I"ll start with that one:-)

Lori said...

I read, almost every day. She shares a lot about her daily life with triplets but also many things about her walk with God.