Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jake's birthday list:

Jake's 6th birthday is nearing (9-27). He's been working on a list for sometime now.

Today his list was wiped clean and we got him an early birthday present:

Yep, a new shiny gas meter!

I'll let the pictorial walk you through this unbelieveable tale:

The evidence-a couple basketballs and a golf club:

The only suspect-Jake with a verbal confession to his mother

The emergency phone call to vectren: "HI, my son hit the gas thingy outside of our house and now there is a strong gas smell and hissing noise".

What I'm told (after confirming my address)- "Ma'am do not turn anything in your home off or on. DO not close nor open any windows, do not start your vehicles. Do not make any calls including with your cell phone. Do not hang up, I will disconnect this call."

Me-"Uh, so should we leave the house"

Vectren-"yes, you should get a safe distance from the home but watch for the response truck".


So, I get Owen outta bed, and grab Griffin in his carrier and stick him in his stroller to go stand on the street corner. I did take my cell with me and call Tim who was already near our house coming back from a meeting. He asked me what I brought with me...I said "nothing but our children!"

The neighbor let the boys go inside since it's so hot out and we sat on her porch in the shade and waited. We could smell gas even at her house.

Finally, Vectren shows up. He explained due to the nature of the situation, he'd have to "write it up"...so we asked if that meant $$$. He said "yeah".

So, enjoy your shiny new gas meter Jake!

Oh, and no more golf for you 'Tiger'.


Kara Townsend said...

That is the scariest yet funniest story I've ever heard!
Happy Bday Jake...let this be one year you'll never forget :)

amy f. said...

Oh my goodness!! That's craziness. I'm so glad he let you know right away, seriously. So grateful you're all okay. Happy B-day, Jake..enjoy the luxury that is gas :-) Those last two pictures were hilarious though. Him hugging the meter and his expression while throwing the golf club out, priceless.

Anonymous said...

I never liked that gas meter. Happy early birthday Jake. Uncle Jason will have to think of something else to get you now!